When you are a Lost Girl and a Succubus, you walk the line…

Something that has always bothered me a bit about the Lost Girl television series has been what exactly, other than the obvious, is the different between the Light and Dark Fae. It’s seemed to me that the Light are as bad and the Dark and vice versa. So if that is true, why have sides in the first place? Moreover, why are there no Light Fae Succubi to be seen?

Episode eleven of the Lost Girl TV series was this week. Vex returns to threaten Bo, Kenzi meets a new friend, Dyson’s past is revealed a bit to us, and Trick shows that he is not to be trifled with…

Again, I will be posting thoughts every Friday of the week after an episode of Lost Girl is shown. I will be adding the individual episodes to the SuccuWiki somewhat sooner than that, but won’t be adding my commentary to the articles as that is what the Tale is for….

Dyson and Bo come to realize that the only justice in their world is…

Faetal Justice

The episode begins at a nightclub called Carpe Noctem where we see Dyson (Kristen Holden-Reid) confronting a Dark Fae named Ba’al (Karl Campbell). The pair get into an argument and Dyson threatens Ba’al as Vex (Paul Amos) appears to taunt Dyson that since his is in a Dark Fae bar they would be in their right to kill him should be attack. Dyson considers for a moment and then leaves. We then switch to Bo (Anna Silk) and Kenzi’s  (Ksenia Solo) place were the pair are attempting to cook something for dinner. Kenzi claiming that she can cook and did so during a scam she once ran for a month as a high society caterer. Their talk turns to the things they don’t know about the people close to them and, eventually, wondering about Dyson’s past. They eventually get to the point to try Kenzi’s cooking, find it awful, and decide to make grilled cheese instead. Back at the Carpe Noctem, Ba’al leaves the club, walks around a corner and then is attacked by a white wolf that kills him.

After the opening credits we return to see Dyson unconscious and covered in blood. He awakes and sees the dead body of Ba’al beside him and growls. Leaving Dyson for the moment, we are next in Trick’s bar as Bo and Kenzi try to get some information about Dyson’s past from Trick. We learn that Dyson had been in Spain as well as Iceland in the past, and that he had not always been a cop. Trick questions Bo as to why she is asking all these questions about Dyson and she tells him that she wants to know more about someone she is intimate with. Trick replies that the phrase “curiosity killed the cat” isn’t just a saying. Then Dyson appears and claims sanctuary from Trick, which he gives and moments later the bar is empty save for Trick, Bo, Kenzi and Dyson. He then receives a phone call from Hale (K. C. Collins) who tells him that people are looking for him because they have found the body of Ba’al and there are witnesses that claim Dyson was threatening Ba’al less than an hour before. Dyson also tells Hale that he has no memory of what happened for several hours before. Hale replies that The Ash wants Dyson to turn himself in so that the Light Fae can hand him over to The Morrigan and the Dark Fae to have their justice served on him. That justice meaning his death.

Bo tells Dyson that she will figure out what happened, but is shocked when Dyson tells her that Ba’al was close to Vex and that Vex returned to the city a few weeks before. Regardless of that threat, Bo and Kenzi decide to press on and try to solve this mystery before it is too late. Bo then asks Trick for the Siracon that she used in the episode Vexed to combat Vex’s powers. Trick tells her that it was confiscated by The Ash as a restricted weapon and he no longer has it. Bo and Kenzi then leave Trick’s bar on the hunt for an answer.

We return to find Hale, Bo and Kenzi in Hale’s office discussing what happened to Dyson. The Morrigan sent evidence to Hale who sent it on to Lauren (Zoie Palmer) to be examined. He also tells Bo that there are three witnesses to what happened between Dyson and Ba’al. Those three being Vex, a Dark Fae bartender named Silas (Daniel Kash) and a human Goth girl named Portia (Holly Deveaux). Bo and Kenzi then leave but not before Hale tells her that he will be watched by the Light and Dark Fae since he is a friend of Dyson’s, but he will have Dyson’s back in all of this.

Bo and Kenzi go to the Carpe Noctem and begin to have a look around hoping to find some clues about what happened there. The first person they meet is Silas who is tending bar when they arrive there. They talk for a short time and Silas says that Dyson clearly threatened Ba’al and so he must be guilty. Bo wants to ask more questions, but Vex arrives and her attention turns to him. Vex taunts Bo with the information that Ba’al was important to him, that there was a story between Ba’al and Dyson in the past and that Dyson had a motive to kill him. When Bo tries to leave, Vex attempts to convince Bo that it would be a good thing to be on the side of the Dark Fae as she could feed whenever she wanted and be as powerful as she wanted to be. Bo pushes him away, as does Kenzi. They decide that Kenzi will circulate through the Carpe Noctem, looking for Portia, while Bo returns to see Dyson and get some more information from him.

Bo arrives back at Trick’s bar and sees Dyson. She then has a good look at the tattoos that he has on his body and discovers that they are written in the Lycanthrope language which is used by both the Light and Dark wolf-shifting Fae. Bo tells him that Vex said he had a reason to kill Ba’al and Dyson explains what happened between them. It turns out that years before there had been a series of murders taking place in the city and that Redcaps were involved. These being a group of Fae that use human blood to dye their hats red. He explains that he found Ba’al and tried to get some justice from him, but Ba’al attacked Dyson with a silver blade and he almost bled to death. In the end, it was seen as a unsanctioned attempt and Ba’al attack was classed as being in self-defense. Bo promises that she will solve this for him and they will get justice. Then, as they embrace, The Morrigan (Emmanuelle Vaugier) arrives with two thugs looking to take Dyson from Trick’s bar. When they refuse, she attempts to take Dyson by force. Dyson and Bo attempt to resist her and her thugs, and are almost defeated, when Trick aims a shotgun loaded with iron and silver at The Morrigan’s thugs. She laughingly tells Trick that his resistance will not work and she will have her way with Dyson eventually. However, she does leave, her wishes for the moment unfulfilled.

Next we see Dyson telling Trick and Bo that no one else should become the target of The Morrigan because of him. Bo tells him that he cannot leave the bar because he will be taken as soon as he does. Eventually Dyson agrees to stay and Bo leaves. But before she does, Trick tells her to remember that Vex can get into her mind, but she can get into his as well. After she leaves, Dyson asks Trick about a Fae called a Kirin. Trick answers that he knows that they can get into a person’s mind and find lost memories, and that they are dangerous. After some discussion, Trick agrees to locate a trust worthy one for Dyson in order to attempt to find the memories he has lost.

Kenzi meanwhile continues her search in the Carpe Noctem for Portia, meeting a goth guy and having a talk with him before seeing Portia at the bar and moving towards her. At the same time, Bo is talking with Hale about Dyson and learns that he was a Stone Warrior until the last fifty years when he took on the role of a Detective. Bo also learns that Dyson has a lot of enemies from his past and that there is no evidence of what happened between the time that Dyson left his office and waking up in the alley save for what they have. Then Lauren arrives with her report for Hale on the evidence that The Morrigan provided. She and Bo have an awkward moment and Hale asks if something is going on. They both say no and Hale drops the question for the moment. Lauren then shows the evidence she was given. The bite marks are from a canine and she is still waiting for DNA evidence to see if Dyson’s is there, but she has little else. After Bo complains that Lauren has too many hopes in her evidence, Lauren leaves obviously upset with Bo’s attitude and reaction towards her.Hale then tells Bo that he was worried about Dyson getting too involved with her at first, but now believes that she is “the real thing.” Bo then leaves to try and get more information from someone that might help her.

At the Carpe Noctem, Kenzi hooks up with Portia and has a long talk with her, the two of them bonding together as that happens. She finds out something of Portia’s past and they share stories with each other. Kenzi talks about the killing and Portia tells her what she saw, that Dyson left the bar, Ba’al left the bar, and then a big wolf killed Ba’al.

The Ash appears at Trick’s Bar and tells Trick that his concern is Dyson’s welfare to which Trick replies that Dyson will not turn himself over to the Dark for The Ash’s sake. The Ash tells him that fighting what is happening will only bring the two sides closer to war. The Ash then warns Trick that his strange power will be threatened to which he answers that The Ash should be very sure of his own position before threatening someone else. The Ash repliea, “That was the wrong answer.” and then leaves.

Next we see Portia meeting Bo with Kenzi and they ask her further questions about what happened, but get nowhere further. Eventually Bo decides to go into the Carpe Noctem and face Vex while Kenzi takes Portia back to their home for the night as she has no where and no one to go to. They leave, Bo enters the Carpe Noctem and finds Silas and finds out that his does not like Vex at all, but gets little else from him. Bo then leaves, but begins to act oddly as if she is having an orgasm in the middle of the dance floor. Vex then appears beside her and it is obvious that he is using his powers on her. Bo attempts to fight back by using her powers on him in return and they seem to come to a stalemate for a time before Vex gains the upper hand. He however notices that everyone is looking at him and Bo and sets Bo free as there are too many witnesses to what was happening.

At Trick’s Bar, the Kirin has arrived to scan Dyson’s memories. Dyson is warned that the process will be like “someone pouring battery acid in your skull.” Dyson tells him to do it and the pair scream in pain as the memories of the past are touched. The one that appears is Dyson taking a phone call just before he left his office and then the memory abruptly ends there. He is then told that there is nothing else, that everything is simply wiped away and does not exist, and cannot be recovered. And someone is responsible for that.

Portia and Kenzi meanwhile are at Bo’s place talking about various things. The topic comes up about Vex, who Portia says is nice, and Silas, who looks after her. Kenzi notices a bracelet Portia is wearing and Portia says that it was Silas’. She then asks if she can crash on the sofa and removes her top. Kenzi then sees that Portia’s back is covered in welts and many marks that look like knife cuts or worse.

Bo returns to Dyson convinced that Vex is responsible for everything that has happened. Dhyson tells Bo that he got a bit of information back and that the last thing he remembers is taking a phone call at his office. Bo calls Hale and he tells her that the call came from an art dealer in the city named Lyle Harrison (Rob Stewart) and Bo leaves to find him and see what he knows. Kenzie returns to the apartment with some medicine for Portia’s back, but she has left in the meantime. Bo finds Lyle and by using her power on him, discovers that he is sexually aroused by pain. She learns through him that beneath Vex’s place there is a dungeon that special VIPs use to fulfill those fantasies. He tells of a girl with pink hair that Ba’al killed, apparently that being the way that they got rid of them when the VIPs got bored. Bo almost takes Lyle’s life by feeding on him, but instead warns him that if he does this again she will take it and leaves.

She then calls Hale and gives him the information she has gotten and discovers that the girl with pink hair that was killed was a Light Fae. Hale puts out the theory that maybe that is the reason that Dyson killed Ba’al but Bo believes that it isn’t as Dyson could have easily just told the Dark Fae elders about it and they would have punished Ba’al for doing so.

Trick is on the phone in the meantime attempting to get support for when the time comes for Dyson to be judged. The person on the other end of the phone refuses and Trick tells them that they are done. Dyson tells Trick not to throw away his friendships for him. Trick replies that it is a good time to know who his friends really are. Dyson then leaves deciding that he will not wait any longer. Bo finds Kenzi at home and Kenzi tells her about Portia’s wounds and that she cannot remember how they happened. They then leave for Vex’s place. Dyson in the meantime arrives there and sees that the doorway to the lower level is open and investigates. He finds Vex there and confronts him, but it is a trap set by The Morrigan and he is captured and taken away for punishment by Vex, The Morrigan and her thugs.

Bo and Kenzi arrive next and head downstairs as Dyson is seen chained to the ceiling. He says that he remembers nothing about what happened, but The Morrigan doesn’t care about that and only wants to know about what Dyson knows about Bo. Dyson tells her to ask Vex about Bo but he admits that he knows nothing about her. Dyson tells The Morrigan that she knows as much as Bo does, but The Morrigan replies that she knows that Dyson knows more than he is admitting to. Vex then takes a red hot poker to Dyson’s back and begins to burn him with it. At that moment, Bo and Kenzi find Portia locked away in a room nearby and free her from from it. Bo then sees the bracelet that Portia is wearing and recognizes the writing as being Lycanthrope, this telling Bo who is responsible for killing Ba’al.

The Morrigan meanwhile is getting bored with Dyson’s refusal to talk and tells Vex to finish him. However, before that can happen, Bo and Kenzi arrive, Bo grabs the poker and holds it to The Morrigan’s throat, threatening her life. Bo then reveals that Silas was the murderer to everyone there. Kenzi then explains what actually happened that night. Silas was in love with Portia and when he saw Dyson threatened Ba’al he took the opportunity to give Dyson a drink that would wipe his memory. When Dyson left, Silas knocked him out in the alleyway and waiting for Ba’al to leave. When that happened Silas shapeshifted into his wolf form and killed Ba’al leaving Dyson beside the body as evidence, Silas then asked Portia to lie that she had seen Dyson kill Ba’al. Portia then arrives and tells Silas that she hadn’t told anyone about what happened. Vex asks why they would let them all leave and Bo tells him that Hale knows what is going on and that if they don’t get out alive that The Morrigan, Vex and the rest will be seen as part of the pink haired Fae girl’s death, thus starting the war they are so afraid of. Kenzi leads Portia out of the dungeon with Bo and Dyson following behind them. The last we see of Silas is Vex holding him with The Morrigan watching.

The end of the episode begins with Bo, Dyson and Trick at the bar when The Ash arrives to tell them that the Dark Fae have dropped all charges against him and that it seems that the Dark found the murderer in their own ranks. Bo comments that The Ash being there is ruining a celebration to which The Ash tells Trick that what he did foretells of a bigger conflict between them in the future. Trick’s answer is, “Was there any doubt?” The Ash answers, “I suppose not.” and then leaves. Dyson thanks Trick for what he did and Trick tells him not to make it a regular occurrence. Dyson agrees and then touch forearms as Dyson says, “On my honour.”

Kenzi and Portia are at the apartment and Portia tells Kenzi that she has found a job and a place to live, getting herself off the street. Kenzi makes her promise to call regularly and the two new friends separate each on their own paths to their futures.

The last scene is Bo and Dyson talking with each other, Dyson telling Bo that she is the one person that he has not thanked properly. Bo tells him that she didn’t need to ask all of the question she had about him, she knows him now. Dyson tells her the same. The last image is of Bo and Dyson in each other’s arms kissing, Bo not feeding, and having a smile on her face.

Fade to black…

Firstly, the bad of the episode. I do not like the way they portray The Morrigan. It bothers me that a being, who is at the head of her clan, would act so flippantly. It distracts from who she is first of all and secondly, what she is capable of. The almost valley girl speech patterns and close to not caring attitude at times is really becoming grating. I would give just about anything for her to act like a being of power and status rather than an insolent child which, to be honest, she reminds me of.

The other end of that spectrum, The Ash, honestly isn’t that much better. Much too formal and stiff in his actions and words for my liking as well. It strikes me that, save for one moment in the series so far, he has shown little emotion. That doesn’t make sense to me and, honestly, i think that the actor in the role is not taking his abilities and stretching them to their fullest.

I am hoping that for the season finale that these two characters are taken to a level that they should be at. If they are the ultimate say in their worlds, then they should both act like it.

The other thing that bothered me a bit was what was going on beneath Vex’s place. I pause to call it what I think it is, but I never have liked pain and suffering, so that part of the storyline was nothing I was really interested in, and when Bo played rough with Lyle, that really didn’t do a thing for me.

The last thing that bothers me are the two henchmen that The Morrigan brings to Trick’s place. We see them using their powers, but we don’t know what they are. It’s a bit of a mystery that would have been nice to have the answer to, but I suppose we’ll never know.

Now, that was about everything that bugged me about this episode, It doesn’t sound like a lot, but I was drawn out of the story by it and that is concerning to me.

I thought that the relationship between Bo and Dyson blossomed this episode. I liked that there is a real connection between the two of them now and that, I think, only bodes well for the future of the series. When you see them together, there is a palatable level of trust and attraction that makes their scenes, especially in this episode, really captivating. Bo took charge this episode and drove the story forwards when she was on the screen. Dyson, I was happy to see, let us see something of his background making him less of a mystery and more of a heroic figure in my eyes.  It is nothing but a good thing when your lead characters development brings them together for the improvement of the story lines…

Which brings us to Trick. I enjoyed the understated power that he holds with relation to The Ash and The Morrigan. I think that neither of them are aware of what, or who, Trick is and that I think will bring another set of events to unfold in the series. I am expecting that, somehow, Trick will have the final say, if not in the arc that tells of the, what I think to tbe, soon to be happening Fae War, then at least to make something happen with Bo. And I think that what will happen is that Trick will give Bo her wish to be, for lack of a better description, both Light and Dark Fae and thus be a bridge between them. I also have the oddest feeling that Dyson will be her champion, Kenzi her advisor and Lauren I am not sure where she fits in as yet, but I think she’ll be there too.

Kenzi honestly took just about every scene she was in without fail. It still amazes me at just what a talent she is. I think that without her in the series it would be so much of a loss. What makes it more interesting for me is her eyes. They are hauntingly interesting and it brings me to a thought that has been bugging me for a while. Is it possible that Kenzi is a Fae of some kind? I have no clear idea of what that might be, but just her eyes alone at times make her seem otherworldly in nature which I think adds to her overall charm and power in the series.

Lauren’s appearance was fleeting and didn’t push the relationship between her and Bo very much if at all. This was the second time she has appeared since the events of Vexed and I am really starting to hate the lack of movement with regards to her story with Bo. Stalling that part of the overall arc doesn’t fit well with me, it seems like for the moment she was pushed to the side and just doesn’t do anything save talk about what she has found in her lab and then vanishes again. It’s a disappointment for a character that was once central to the storyline. I hope she will come to the fore once more this season.

Hale had a lot to do this episode, even if he was held to being in one place the entire time. While there he mostly was there to give information, that was not in a “show and tell” manner but pushed several arcs in the series forwards. I liked that Bo now knows that Hale supports her relationship with Dyson. I like better that Kenzi and Hale have a relationship as well. I also think that of all of the characters on the show, Hale seems the most natural when he is one the screen. That’s something very special that an actor or actress can accomplish in a role.

Vex was a treat as he was in his first appearance in the series. Played well over the top but with an underlying layer of danger which is a delicious combination to see. The relationship between Vex and The Morrigan wasn’t set out as much as I would have liked it to be however. I understand that he is “a favorite”, but there has to be more than that going on. It also would have been nice to learn more about his being a Mesmer, whatever that is exactly we still do not know. Shame that, it would have been another level to Vex that I would have liked to see.

We saw a decent scene of Bo using her powers, and it wasn’t exactly in a gentle way as it has been in the past. It also was something to note when she used her powers on Vex and did effect him, that could have been interesting taken to the extreme. Overall the Succubiness in the episode was a bit limited, mostly from the story and situations Bo was put in, but nonetheless it was a good thing to see.

The overall arc of Bo finding out about herself and her past was only touched on in passing as this episode was more concerned with Dyson’s past and setting up Trick for the future he is going to face. Understandable, but little hints from The Ash and The Morrigan were nice touches.

A request to the series from me, please give us some real background on the Fae in the last two episodes please? At least we will have something to ponder until season two in September of 2011…

My rating of Faetal Justice

Keeping my interest – 4 Pitchforks

Portrayal of a Succubus – 5 Pitchforks

Overall look and feel – 4 Pitchforks

Storyline – 4 Pitchforks

Main Characters – 4 Pitchforks

Mythos – 4 Pitchforks

Overall Rating – 4.1 Pitchforks out of 5

I have issues with some of the characterizations still, The Morrigan being too flippant, The Ash being too stiff. But overall a decent episode that gives a lot of promise as the main characters seem to be comfortable in their roles and that showed a lot in this episode. It helps a great deal when it looks less like acting than being. It gets s lower rating mostly from the jarring moments when a line that really shouldn’t have been said was. Vex was excellent, Kenzi too, Bo and Dyson perfect, and Trick was a rock in the episode for his friends. That saved the lesser parts of the show which, to be honest, almost could be removed without losing much from the plot or the reveals.

This Sunday, Episode Twelve: Bo and Dyson go undercover as a married power couple at a swank country club to help an old friend from Kenzi’s criminal past.

The episode before the last episode of the season, but thankfully not the end of the series. I’m hoping if not for a resolution to the Bo/Dyson relationship, at least an understanding between the two of them so we don’t have to watch all of the beating around the bush that seems to be all they do in the series. I’m also hoping for Kenzi’s past to be revealed to us a bit more, that would be nice to see too…

Oh yes, and Saskia returns once again. To be honest I would have been perfectly happy not to see her again until next season, but she returns and, of course, seems in the previews to belittle Bo once again…

This time I hope that Bo ignores her or at least slams the door in her face… She has better things to do…



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    • James on December 3, 2010 at 10:01 am

    You have brought up the inappropriate flippancy of powerful Dark Fae before. I wonder if flippancy vs. stiffness is the writers’ or directors’ lame way of differentiating between Dark vs. Light Fae.

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    • TeraS on December 8, 2010 at 7:51 pm

    I hope not, that seems too easy to do…


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