Dec 02 2010

Succubi Image of the Week 153

This week I am going to share another one of those 3D image creations of a Succubus that I enjoy…

More importantly, I have some information on this artist to share too!

This work is called Hotter Than Hell, and is by an artist that calls themselves Pandoramail… They originally posted this work on DeviantArt here and you can find their artist page here as well. Their particular interest is in 3D images, which I think they create wonderful art with…

I found it interesting this entire image for a lot of reasons, the first one is just her pose and where the artist placed his perspective on our Succubus… Looking up towards her is something that you rarely see in art of Succubi… Her horns are perhaps a little bit large for her, but the shine on her skin, the markings upon it and the little attentions to the details of her form are just lovely…

She’s just missing one thing which readers of the Tale will know immediately…

She doesn’t have a tail, which is disappointing to me personally…

There is one other thing that I would like to share, which is a short poem that the artist attached to the original posting of this work…

Never satisfied
But always dreaming and lusting,
Serving as a life-draining trap
For all her guests.

It really does work well with this art…



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    Maybe you simply cannot see her tail from this angle. After all, we cannot see her thumbs, but I am pretty sure she is meant to have those . . . ;;)

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    I didn’t know Succubi went in for…. upgrades. 😉

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    That’s quite true my heart…


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