Nov 30 2010

Temptations 88

Food is a temptation isn’t it? The Succubi Queen likes a lot of things…


Temptations 88

By TeraS and JHB

“Well, that’s just fine.  I have no fondness for anchovies myself.  I’m willing to try just about any other topping . . . once, at least.  And I would never presume to be so rude as to turn down your hospitality, so I’m up for whatever you’d like to serve.

Sometime, soon, though, I may insist on cooking for you, and I hope that will be o.k.”

Tera casually waved a hand in the direction of the West Wing of the Library and it’s exit to the Realm as she said, “Then you will of course have to at some point return with me to my home in the Realm…”

Turning to the AngelKitty she said, “A picnic basket please… Finger sandwiches and such would be a pleasant thing to enjoy today…”

The AngelKitty scribbled something down on the pad it was carrying, and then fluttered off into the skies above the library a moment later. Then Tera offered him her hand as she said, “So… Which shall it be? Forest… Lake… Or Field for the picnic?”

She continued to smile as she awaited his reply…

He really did enjoy her smile.

Being only baguely acquainted with Realm geography, but anxious for new experiences, he replied, “The Forest sounds intriguing.  May we go there, and will you tell me more, please?”

Tera nodded enthusiastically as she replied, “The forest in the summer is quite lovely you know…. Though some people that visit it are rather confused by the colours of the trees and leaves within it…”

She began to lead him towards the exit as she continued, “I suppose that you are aware that most Succubi are supposed to gain energy and so forth from the consumption of souls?”

She waved her free hand in the direction they were heading, “We have found a different way to survive.. Yes there is a certain amount of energy that we can absorb with sex, but we have seen that in truth, energy is all around us and so… With some effort, we can survive on food like you do, but as well we live with nature, taking some small amount of the life energies around us as our sustenance…”

Seeing that was probably confusing, Tera continued, “For example… There is near my home in the Realm an ancient Maple tree from Earth… I spend many an afternoon beneath it’s shade reading the books of the library to it and learning from the old spirit within it… In turn I take a small amount of it’s energy in trade to sustain me… But never without thanking it for what it gives in return…”


Oddly enough, there is an old maple tree near my home that I sit under now and then and talk to the universe for a while…



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    Trees–especially old maple trees–can be very nice for that sort of thing.

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    Yes they can my heart…


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