Nov 27 2010

Modifying the Castlevania Succubus on YouTube…

Several years ago, one of the most popular figurines of a Succubus was the release of one that represented the Succubus in the Castlevania video games. It was, and still is, a complaint by some that her top couldn’t be removed. That was because when they made these figurines, they did sculpt some of her more… adult features…

But then the company decided to glue her top on and that wrecked the figurine for many…

That is, until someone decided to modify one and fix that problem…

And in case the embedding doesn’t work:


Now, while that video shows quite a lot of the changes in this figurine that the artist, known as Hunter Knight, part that most people would be interested in doesn’t appear…

However, on the artist’s DeviantArt gallery, there are several images there of the completed work, this is one of them:

Now speaking as a collector of Succubus models of all kinds and types, I can see why this would be a popular creation. I might want one, mostly as a conversation piece in our collection of Succubi…

Now since this is obviously done to a very high standard, it would have a place in the collection, and I think that this version, which has better skin tones and slightly better details of the lace and other details on her form actually is a better thing to have.

The artist has this model and many others on their website for sale which you can find here if you are interested in possibly ordering something from him…

I most certainly am…



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    Hunter Knight really has done an excellent job, both with making the succubus more risqué (which, after all, is what a succubus should be, more than horrifying, at least), and with improving the details. Here’s hoping that one of these finds her way to the Queen’s stocking at Christmas.

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    Wow! that is Amazing Artwork… and everything a Succubus should be,
    just Exotic, Erotic Sensuality….

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    He really did a lovely bit of work with her…


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