Temptations 87

The doors to one’s heart can be found when you listen hard enough… The path to a Succubi Queen’s Tail is not as simple, but is as worthwhile…


Temptations 87

By TeraS and JHB

He stood up. He felt embarrassed for having offended–it was only that this was what he had been taught to do in the presence of Queens.  But, as soon as her finger touched his nose, and her smiling words touched his ear, he knew that embarrassment was as unnecessary (and unwelcome, he guessed) as the deference.  He needed to stop being so self-conscious and just start reponding with what was on his mind . . . and his heart.

He took her hand, tentatively, at first, and then warmly.  He looked into her eyes.  He felt so much safer, so much more confident, when he looked into her eyes.  “Tera, I would like to learn from you.  I would like to walk with you. I would like to share with you.  I can not imagine anyplace I’d rather be or anything else I’d rather be doing.  Would you be willing to do that with me?”

Tera replied, still with that little smile playing at her lips as she did, “What to teach? Hmmm… I think that something to remember in all things is something that a great man wrote in a book from your world once… Time is an illusion… Lunchtime doubly so… It does in fact explain a great deal of the universe in general when you think about it…”

From a little bit behind her, a small white kitten with black angel wings came fluttering around the corner carrying in it’s paws a little clipboard and a pen…

Tera looked over for a moment to the kitten and then back to him, saying as she did, “And speaking of the illusion of lunchtime… I’m starving… Would you like something in particular to eat? The library does not have a no eating or drinking policy… Though I would try not to feed the Dragons in the grotto at this time of day…”

James noticed the kitty, which was interesting, but still not as fascinating as Tera’s voice, eyes, and smile.

“I have all the time in the world, illusory or not,” he said, taking her hands in his, “and, yeah, I could eat.  I’m not a bad cook, so what would you like?  Salad?  Sandwiches?  Burgers?  Fish?  Pizza (believe it or not, pizza is a specialty of mine)?”

Tera giggled and replied, “You are in my Realm now my dear… As your host it’s my pleasure to provide for you… Though I will have to insist that if we have pizza that there are no anchovies on it…”

Her tail pointed at the AngelKitty fluttering nearby, “The Kitties tend to attack those pizzas with anchovies on them in their Kitty forms… If they are in their human-looking form it’s not quite so bad…”

The smile didn’t leave her lips, “They have been known to flick the anchovies off the pizza and create food fights on occasion… Rather messy you know…”


That would have been interesting, but like my Tail, the Kitties are just a bit too over the top on occasion you know…


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    • James on November 23, 2010 at 9:36 am

    Over-the-top, perhaps, but only in the best possible way . . .

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