The Third Succubi’s Tale Anniversary

The Third Succubi’s Tale Anniversary is today… It’s been a fun three years, with lots of things shared with you all..

And here is one more thing on this day I hope is enjoyed…


Tale Cooking

By TeraS

It was a special day in the Realm:  not as important as a birthday, or the day that Tera and Keith met, or anything else that important …

… but important for Tera, nonetheless.

She spent a long time in her library, looking through her cookbooks, trying to figure out the right thing for this year. The stack of those she decided against was getting taller and taller by the minute, and she was about to give up, when her tail poked at a book on the table and flipped it open.

She looked at the recipe there for a time, a small smile on her lips, and she hoped that it would be a hit for the three she was baking for that day. This day was to celebrate not just an important moment for her and Tail, but to share it with three of her family who supported her every day.

So it was on that morning that she found herself in the kitchen, working away, her hands busy with one thing, her tail stirring something else, and, all around her, plans in various states …

… none of them quite ready as yet.

Her evil toaster, Toastie, watched, somewhat miffed that Tera wasn’t making toast with her. AngelKitties fluttered around the kitchen, occasionally getting a swat from Tera’s tail as they sampled the batter or knocked over the sugar, as they tended to do. Just once, her dog peeked in; there was a confused look on Brit’s face before Tera tossed a cookie in her direction and closed the door behind the dog to keep her from being underfoot …

She continued to beat the eggs, sift the flour, and, eventually, finish what she was working on and put it into the oven.  Closing the book of recipes and putting it away once more, Tera cleaned up the mess and sniffed the air approvingly as her confection baked in the oven. Finally, with everything cleaned up and the kitchen spotless once more, she took off her apron, hung it away, and then waited for the oven to finish its job.

As she had nothing to do but wait, she closed her eyes and rested a bit … but, as she did, her hair turned red, her tail turned black, and Tail appeared to inspect Tera’s work.

She sighed a bit at what Tera had been making … and she sighed a bit more … and then she called upon a friend to help her, one she knew would make her baking exactly so:  she found the book Tera had been using and opened it again, the secret within the pages letting her call for help once more. Her friend arrived in a flash, with a hug and smile for her as he did, looked over the baking, and explained what they needed to fix.

And so, around mid-day, what Tera had been working on all morning was finally finished. The bell on the oven sounded and Tera awoke, looked around, shrugged, and then went off to check how it all had gone. Opening the oven, she looked her effort over with a critical eye.  “Flaky crust? Juicy filling? It looks to be a ‘yes’ to those questions,” she thought, thankfully, with a relieved sigh.  She set it on the windowsill to cool for a bit, gathered her utensils and other things, then, finally, carried it all to the sitting room of her home in the Realm …

Waiting there for her were three who most mattered to her on this day …

The first was, of course, her Eternal, Keith, a smile spreading on his face as soon as she entered. He had been entertaining two others, one being her only Incubi brother, known as Freeze, and the other being her heart, the Poet Laureate of the Realm, James …

Tera set what she had been cooking on a table there, along with knives, forks, and plates. Snapping her fingers she exclaimed, “Darn it! Forgot something! Back in a sec!” and then vanished back into the kitchen once more …

At this point the three in the room looked at each other with some trepidation in their eyes. This was something Tera did every year on this day and–so far, at least–the results hadn’t been the best.

Keith looked at what Tera had baked and said, “Well, it’s not a pound cake. Remember three years ago? You couldn’t take a bite of it.”

Freeze smiled, “And the Hellhounds wouldn’t touch it.”

James chuckled, “But we all managed to get it down, didn’t we?”

Freeze shot him a look, “And last year’s Angel Food cake was more of a waffle, wasn’t it?”

A hearty laugh from James, “Well we did have it with maple syrup, as I remember, so that sort of worked.”

Keith’s tail pointed at the kitchen, “I think what didn’t work is how she mixed up the ingredients a bit.”

The sound of Tera opening cupboards and moving utensils focused them all and Keith asked, “So who’s taking the first bite, then?”

James answered, “Well that’s your duty, is it not?”

Freeze nodded, “That’s right, bub.  Your taste buds are toast.”

Keith smiled slyly as he exclaimed, “Oh no, my friends, this time we all get it all together and all get a taste at the same time.”

It was all in jest, of course; that was part of the fun.  Tera did her best for them in cooking, but sometimes the recipes won.

Then she returned, placing a container on the table with a flourish.  A knife appeared in her hand and then she began to start serving. The first piece went to James–a nice slice of it he got, with a lovely “Thank you, Dear One” in reply.  But then he gave a careful eye to the treat.

The next went to Freeze, exactly the same size.  He gave a smile, a tail wave, and the words, “Thanks, Sis” … but again a careful eye.

The next one went to Keith, exactly the same.  Tera’s and Keith’s tails entwined … and then Keith appraised the dessert just like the others had.

Tera took another piece, leaving one in the dish.  Onto her plate it went, and then she said, “Enjoy!”

You could have cut the silence with a knife as they all poked into what Tera had made. A pie of some kind, but just what she had not said.  Each man took a small bit on the end of his forks … and then down it went.  Tera’s eyes were closed, so she didn’t see their reactions. They seemed surprised at first, then quite glad.

Keith was the first to comment, “That’s really quite nice!”

James was next with, “Lovely work, Dear One; really the best!”

Freeze was his usual self. A pause, some thinking, and then, “Pretty damn swell!”

Tera laughed a bit and offered whipping cream to the three of them … of course you need that when you have warm cherry pie…

But what she didn’t say, and wouldn’t, just cuz, was that it wasn’t she that had created this one. No, Tail did this with the help of her friend, Baker, the one who taught her that baking was more than the ingredients there. Cooking was art, but so was the fun, and what Tail really liked was cooking with Baker (and he with her, too) …

Tail watched this all and then, to everyone’s surprise, bumped a sign which said “Add some whipped cream, you guys.”

They all laughed at that, but finished the pie—with whipped cream–just happy they could share it together.

But Later that night, when James and Freeze were off for home, Keith was out with Brit, and Tera was all alone …

… Tail returned to the fore and took the last slice, opened a portal, and vanished from sight.  She appeared in a bakery on the other side of the Realm, knocked on the door, and then …

… Baker opened the door, asking, “How did it go?”

Tail’s answer was to take a fork of the pie and feed it to him, nice and slow. They took turns eating the slice, laughing a bit, knowing that, this year, the story would be about the excellent treat Tera had made as a gift.  But to Baker and Tail, the truth was well known …

This was the third anniversary of the Tale, and, really, who else could make a cherry pie the right way on this special day except a Succubi’s Tail?


Thank you all that read the Tale and I hope for many anniversaries more…

More thank you’s to James for helping my writing look better than it is as always…




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    • James on November 22, 2010 at 5:00 pm

    I barely did a thing, Majesty. Just helped a brilliant story shine.

    But this is my doing:

    Sitting in the growing darkness,
    cold and alone,
    beaten down by the labors of the day,
    beaten down by my own isolation,
    beaten down . . .
    no longer caring . . .
    barely noticing
    someone coming toward me.

    Green eyes flashing from the darkness,
    cool, yet so hot;
    creamy skin, smooth, pale, tinged so faintly red;
    luscious curves, filling smooth, shiny latex;
    raven curls,
    cascading loosely . . .
    irresistible . . .
    Why would she approach me?

    Nothing now but her and darkness
    as she moved close:
    on my lap, straddling, pressing oh-so-near;
    on my lap, cherry scent filling my mind . . .
    on my lap . . .
    tail wrapping, stroking,
    my will collapsing . . .
    She could just consume me.

    Gentle laughs ring through the darkness.
    Horns peak through hair
    as she purrs, “You could easily be mine” . . .
    as she moans, “I could mold you as my toy” . . .
    as she smiles
    and whispers, hotly,
    “I’m not here taking . . .
    I would rather share. See?”

    Rising as light chases darkness,
    still feeling her . . .
    so alive . . . she has let me share my heart . . .
    so alive . . . every day she is with me . . .
    so alive . . .
    part of her Realm now
    as the years fly by.
    Her touch makes more of me.

    Happy Tale-iversary, Majesty, with huggles from your heart.

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    • TeraS on November 22, 2010 at 6:11 pm

    *soft kisses and happy tears*

    Thank you my heart for coming on the journey…

    Your Dear One

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    • FreezeFrame on November 22, 2010 at 8:40 pm

    Words that are as sweet as pie from both of you.

    Love you sis! Congrats!

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