Nov 21 2010

The 2010 Succubi Realm Flash Challenge Part II

The 2010 Succubi Realm Flash Challenge happened earlier this year… October to be exact.

The concept of the challenge was to write a story based on the idea of there is a support group for people who have met Succubi and then returned to their regular lives. They share the stories of those meetings. Since Halloween is approaching. legend has it their Succubi will return. Some are thrilled and anxious, some are terrified.

There were two lovely entries that were shared on The Realm, the Forum of Succubus.net. This is the last of two entries to the Challenge to be shared this year. This work is by a dear friend named S.B. who’s words are wonderful emotional things to be shared…



By S.B.

When I met the Succubi Queen, I was ready to die. It was on October 31st, 2009, it was raining cats and dogs, and I was standing on the railing of a bridge, looking down at the murky waters of a river eager to claim my soul. I was hopeless and pathetic, carrying along a semblance of humanity only on the outside, for within there was nothing but a hollow space and billowing winds of despair.

She materialized out of thin air less than two metres from where I stood about ready to say “Yes!” to oblivion. At the time I knew not who or what she was, but was immediately convinced of her supernatural origin. Though I was soaking wet, she managed to stay clear of the downpour, and her green eyes shone like two powerful lighthouses in the eye of the storm. I failed to consciously notice[ the small red horns partially hidden underneath cascades of dark, flowing hair and the tip of the tail peeking from behind her skin-tight long dress; yet my mind’s eye saw it all, and perceived she hadn’t shown herself to me without a clear purpose.

“Such a waste…” she said quietly as she tried to reach for one of my hands. “Are you really going to do that?”

“I’ve got nothing left to do,” I remember replying, drowning in self-pity over the untimely loss of all of those that had been dear to me in the recent past. “At least this way, I’ll find peace.”

“In the abyss?” she inquired, raising both her eyebrows and her voice ever so slightly but not in a threatening way. “In the darkness that loathes everything except itself and will do anything in its power to tear your memories apart and torture you until the Universe dies as well?”

“You don’t know what I’m feeling right now! I’d rather have the abyss than the pain of loneliness!”

“You’re right”, she admitted. “I don’t know, though I can sense it, as well as the potential you still carry within you. It’s currently buried under thick layers of grief that are beyond my powers. I can’t make them go away with a snap of a finger. I can, however, offer you a chance of deliverance.”

“How?” I asked. “How can you do such a thing?”

“I’m from a Realm where possibilities work differently than what you’re used to, where certain laws you think immutable are, in fact, easily bent. It’s My Realm for I’m its Queen and I’m in need of trustworthy subjects to keep it running harmoniously.”

“I don’t understand what you’re saying…”

“I’m aware of that. That’s the sorrow doing the talking for you. You’ll come to terms with it if you honour me with a simple wish.”

“And that wish is that?”

“Live. Fight the bareness of being! In exactly one year from now, I’ll return to this very place and, if you’re ready by then, I’ll give you the keys to the first door of The Realm and all the answers to your questions. Please don’t disappoint me.”

Just as quickly as she had appeared, she vanished into the night. For a few seconds, it was as if the rain still felt a trace of her regal presence and hesitated to fall in the spot she had occupied. When it finally did, I was no longer on the edge of forgetfulness but rather walking away with her words in my mind. I could feel mystic ripples in them, notes of a melody waiting to be played if I dared to learn the instrument to do so, and that meant I had to confront the titanic fiends of isolation and abandon that fuelled my desolation. Beyond the bridge, the world was waiting….

* * *

A year has already gone by and I followed her wish through. Though I’ve yet to overcome all the barriers that bind my thoughts, most of the self-imposed ones already lie in the deepest recesses of past anguish, never to be erected again. The bridge looks much more inviting now, and no rain is expected over the course of the next few days according to the weather report. All that’s left is for her to appear once more so I can thank her for the strange kindness and compassion she has shown me.

“You’re welcome”, a rich voice resonates everywhere around and, as I turn my head to ascertain the source of the sound, I see her with wide open eyes and spirit. Although, I’m sure she was as beautiful before as she is today, I can’t escape the impact of her loving gaze as it evokes in me a blissful sense of completeness unlike anything I have ever experienced.

“Your soul was broken, but I can see it’s started to mend. The flickering potential I saw before now burns brighter than an Olympic flame, and that’s exactly what The Realm needs to thrive and prosper. Will you grant me the honour of your service for as long as I require it?” she asks gallantly, as her heart-tipped tail swishes from side to side in an almost perfect hypnotic rhythm.

She already knows the answer before I even dare to utter the words. Her radiance surpasses even what I used to conceive as ‘angelic’. She wears no crown, but she’s My Queen and her ruling is pleasurable and just. I know for certain she’ll never command me to do so yet I’m already kneeling in devotion as I plant a small kiss on her latex-gloved hand.

The keys of The Realm burn passionately between my fingers… As my story ends, true deliverance begins…

Thank you for sharing your story with us dearest S.B…. A heartfelt story that touched my heart and soul so very very much…
Thank you…


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    This was a really great flash from S.B., I’m so glad he added it to the thread.

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