A Heroes of Newerth Succubus Drawing YouTube…

In September of this year, I found an artist named Kingaby and shared with readers of the Tale a YouTube of a work he did of a Succubus and a Samurai… You can find that Tale post here if you are interested in it…

This week I found that he has drawn another delicious Succubus and so…

And if you can’t see the embedding:


And an image, a small one, of the completed work he did of this Succubus:

This art is called Succubus and is based on the Succubi that appear in the Heroes of Newerth video game.

While I did find this on YouTube, Kingaby also posted this work on his DeviantArt site here.

I like this quite a lot, especially the tail that is so very slinky and sexy really… I’m a bit unhappy with all of the darkness around her though, it hides so much of the details in this work that it bothers me a bit.

And I really would love to have seen more of the work that Kingaby placed into this, there are so many hints of it, but darn it, you just can’t see them well…

Regardless of that, she’s sexy and has a hint of seductive evil in her which is delicious…

Her expression is a bit away from sexy, it’s more like controlled evil, but that I think is artistic license more than anything else… I think it’s interesting as well how the muscles are so well defined, she’s obviously quite strong and that’s something that you don’t normally see in images of Succubi…

Hoping that you visit Kingaby’s sites and enjoy his work!


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    • James on November 20, 2010 at 9:39 am

    No succubus can have her “sexy face” on all the time, Majesty. Sometimes she has other things on her mind.

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