The 2010 Succubi Realm Flash Challenge Part I

The 2010 Succubi Realm Flash Challenge happened earlier this year… October to be exact.

The concept of the challenge was to write a story based on the idea of there is a support group for people who have met Succubi and then returned to their regular lives. They share the stories of those meetings. Since Halloween is approaching. legend has it their Succubi will return. Some are thrilled and anxious, some are terrified.

There were two lovely entries that were shared on The Realm, the Forum of For this Sunday and next Sunday, I am going to share both of them to the readers of the Tale as I think they both should be recognized for their wonderfulness…

The first work I am going to share is by James, my dear heart and Poet Laureate of the Realm… While he continues not to believe that he deserves that title, I do know, and always will know that his words mean the world to me in whatever form he places them in…




When I started the fire,
I had no idea what the night would bring.

When I sat in the big chair,
I was only planning to warm myself,
but the doorbell disrupted my cocooning.

When I made myself stand up,
I was more than a little bit annoyed,
but the rain was too hard, the wind was too cold
and I shuffled my weary bones to the front door.

When I turned on the porch light,
I saw a young blonde, wet and shivering,
but still glowing with some sort of inner light,
and I didn’t think before inviting her in,
even though I’m not normally so open.

When I welcomed her inside
I noticed her smile, heard her say “Thank you;
but I know you took chance letting me in,
and I want you to know I am very grateful”
even as she seemed to glide into my home,
still wet, but amazingly alluring.

When I followed my young guest,
I couldn’t help but stare at her wet form
but saw that she was dry, yet her clothes still clung
and purple horns protruded from behind blonde bangs
even as a purple tail showed itself, and
still her eyes revealed an old, trusting soul
that was far lovelier than her body.

When I stepped closer to her
I heard her speak directly to my soul
but without a word: “You trust me, I can tell,
and stand there, not out of lust, but from true concern,”
even as her tail wrapped ‘round me: “Now just stay
still,” and worlds were birthed as we touched and more
when I met a succubi.


Thank you my heart for your words and friendship always…




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    • James on November 14, 2010 at 10:29 am

    Thank you, so much, Dear One, for your friendship, for your inspiration, and for all the kindness both you and your Eternal have shown me.

    I am glad you enjoyed these words.

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    • Gryphon on November 14, 2010 at 5:00 pm

    James, that was really Great… such a Short Story, but so Descriptive.
    … And Mistress Tera is Pleased…

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    • TeraS on November 16, 2010 at 3:43 pm

    *big huggles for my heart*


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    • FZY1 on November 19, 2010 at 6:48 pm

    mine is still a work in progress for you all.

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