Nov 12 2010

Vexing the Lost Girl Succubus…

It’s interesting to see where things start from and try to figure out why they went where they did. For example, were was our Succubus Bo coming from originally and why did that not continue on?

Episode eight of the Lost Girl TV series was this week. The interesting thing to note is that was in fact the pilot episode for the series as presented to Showcase Television. As such, it is somewhat different from the rest of the series that has aired so far, and, moreover, if shows us some facets of Bo as a Succubus that we have only seen hints about until now…

As usual, I will be posting thoughts every Friday of the week after an episode of Lost Girl is shown. I will be adding the individual episodes to the SuccuWiki somewhat sooner than that, but won’t be adding my commentary to the articles as that is what the Tale is for….

Bo finds out some truths about herself and the Fae and becomes…


The episode begins with Bo (Anna Silk) in an elevator in obvious pain. We switch between watching her trying to get somewhere in a building with Dyson (Kristen Holden-Ried) taking punches at a workout bag. Eventually he walks to the front door of what we assume is his apartment, opens it, and finds Bo bloody and obviously injured standing there. Initially he tells her to go away, but after some persuasion from Bo, he relents and lets her in. What follows in a rather steamy sex scene between the two that is just this side of being violent, if not animalistic in nature. Afterwards, Bo gets dressed again while she and Dyson talk about why she was hurt, she was on a job for her detective agency, how she is healing better, Bo thanks Lauren for that. Dyson comments that Lauren will never love Bo, to which Bo replies that it isn’t about love. Dyson tells Bo as she leaves that this will be the very last time he helps her to heal, that she needs to learn that for her own good. Bo just smiles and leaves the apartment moments later.

We then switch to an exterior view of a building, there is a light snowfall so we can assume that it is winter. Bo and Kenzi (Ksenia Solo), approach it, open a locked door and go inside. They look around the building, commenting on Dyson’s attitude, the fact that Bo needs to choose a side, which she replies that she hates choosing teams. They are looking to meet someone there and come to find that person hanging from the ceiling quite dead.

Coming back from the opening credits, Bo and Kenzi approach the dead man and discover that he isn’t dead. He’s a vampire and very much alive. After he releases himself from the noose, Bo gives him a bag she is carrying which contains blood. In trade for that, Bo is expecting the vampire to give her information she is seeking on her past. The vampires, Siegfried (Jeffrey R. Smith) taunts Bo with the promise that he has found Bo’s mother. He gives her a newspaper article clipping of a woman that is described as a “Baby Killer” in exchange for the 20 blood bags that Bo gave him.

The next scene is Lauren (Zoie Palmer) examining Bo in her lab. Bo tries to make small talk with Lauren, noting that she likes the necklace that Lauren is wearing and other such small talk. Their discussion turns to Bo and her sexual contact with humans, she says that she isn’t in a hurry and wants to take that slowly, Lauren seems to agree with that idea, and asks who Bo is sexually active with. Bo replies Dyson to which Lauren seems if not uncomfortable with, she might be disappointed with. Lauren also notes that as Bo’s Doctor, she would be happier if she picked someone “less travelled.”

We then see Bo and Kenzi attempting to get into a prison to see the woman that Siegfried suggested they ask questions of. They do so with some fake IDs and the use of Bo’s powers on a guard that was not going to let the pair in. They do get in and meet Lou Ann (Brandi Ward), who is facing the death penalty for her crimes. Bo first comment upon seeing her face to face is that Lou Ann is Fae. The next questions are asking Lou Ann to tell Bo about her mother. Lou Ann calls Bo, The Foundling when she realizes who Bo is. Lou Ann does tell Bo that she only knows rumours about her and nothing else. Bo continues to press her trying to get something useful but fails. Bo then leaves with Kenzi to find Siegfried and find out why he lied to them as Bo suspects that something is going on.

Siegfried in the meanwhile is at his home cooking when he finds himself face to face with another Fae named Vex (Paul Amos). Vex then uses his powers to force Siegfried to place his hand in a garbage disposer and eventually kill himself in a gruesome manner. While that power is not exactly explained, it is quite clear that Vex is a Dark Fae of some status and power level. That power seems to be a mix of mind and body control over others in his presence, with which he makes them do whatever he wishes them to do.

We then see Dyson at the crime scene investigating Siegfried’s death. Bo appears and Dyson grills her on what she knew about Siegfried and why she was in contact with him. Finding out that it was part of Bo’s ongoing search for her mother only serves to disappoint him. Bo tries to get some information out of him and discovers that Lou Ann is a Dark Fae. She then asks for more information on Lou Ann and as well what happened to Siegfried. We find out that Lou Ann killed her children and that Siegfried’s heart was cut out of him as part of his murder. After a bit of further looking at the records, they discover that Siegfried didn’t defend himself or otherwise resisted what was happening.

Bo returns to Lou Ann and tells her that she knows that Lou Ann didn’t do the crime. Someone, a Fae most likely, made her do it and she is covering it up for some reason. Lou Ann then tells of her life and her mistakes in it, one of those being that she loved a human in spite of the rules that told her she was not allowed to. She also reveals that the children were killed in response to Lou Ann’s attempt to walk away from the Dark Fae and choose humanity, much like Bo is trying to do. Bo tries to reassure her by suggesting that she will talk to Lauren and through her The Ash for help in saving Lou Ann.

Lauren takes Bo to see The Ash (Clé Bennett) at his home. The first question he asks of Bo is if she has decided on a side to take. Bo replies that she wants help in saving Lou Ann. He refuses noting that it is a Dark Fae matter. Bo leaves, disgusted in The Ash’s attitude, leaving Lauren behind with him. The Ash tells Lauren to leave and she rushes after Bo to tell her that she is dealing with dangerous things and should stop before it is too late. Bo replies that if the Light will not help her, then she will use her Dark contacts.

Bo next visits Mayer (Aron Tager) with the hope that the favour he owes her can be used to figure out what is going on. Mayer tries to tell Bo to drop this case, to walk away from it because nothing good will come of it. He also tells her that all Fae whether Light or Dark must respect one important rule. That being to keep their existence secret from the humans. After further discussion about Bo not choosing a side she finally gets Mayer to agree to look into who is actually behind the murders.

Bo returns home to find Kenzi playing a video game called Robot Hookers. She leaves Kenzi telling her that she is going to take a long bath. While Bo is in the bathroom she is attacked by a Fae called a Morragh (Cheryl Quiacos), who tries to kill her, but fails when Bo drives a stake through the Morragh’s body and then electrocutes them.

Next we see Dyson and Bo together, Dyson tells her that is was not a sanctioned attempt on her life as she would not have survived such an attack. Bo is less than comforted by that information and is less than thrilled when Dyson tells her that she most choose a side to stay alive. Dyson suggests that she stay with him that night, she refuses because she sees it as pitying her.

Bo then goes to the Fae Bar to see Trick (Richard Howland) and try to get some real answers about what is going on. Trick seems shocked to know that she was attacked by a Morragh and takes her to his office for a talk. While this is going on, Lauren has been summoned by The Ash who tells her to somehow take control of Bo by whatever means is necessary, including using her friendship with Bo to do so. The Ash tells Lauren that the Fae responsible is named Vex and that he is not prepared to allow Bo to kill Vex as that would start a war between the Light and Dark Fae. When Lauren tells him that nothing has worked, he suggests that she use more intimate means to keep Bo on a leash.

Trick tells Bo some things that she didn’t know before. One of those being that The Ash owns Lauren and that is why Lauren carries a pendant with a particular mark always. Bo continues to ask question of Trick, one of them being that she wishes there was a book that listed all of the Fae. When Trick produces such a book, Bo comments with a smile tha she also wants a pony. Looking through the book, Bo learns about the Morragh, which apparently feeds on rage. As she does so, she reveals that she feeds on Chi or the human lifeforce. Trick explains that what she does is basically what all Fae do in various ways and means throughout time. Trick then gives her a weapon to use in her fight called a Searacon. Trick explains that the weapon is from the “old times”, that it is deadly to all Fae and that it will protect the user from corruption. Bo picks it up and it attaches itself to her right hand, a long blade extending from it as it does so.

We then see Lauren meeting Bo at the apartment, Lauren commenting that Lou Ann had dropped her appeal and that she thought that Bo wouldn’t want to be alone. Lauren tries to understand why Bo is still trying to save Lou Ann. When Bo attempts to leave, Lauren becomes intimate with her, the scene turning into a lovely soft romance between the two of them. Eventually the pleasures shared end and Bo returns her thoughts to finding the person responsible for what is happening to Lou Ann. Lauren tries to stop her and lets slip that she knows that a Fae named Vex is responsible. Bo then puts the pieces together and realizes that the only reason that Lauren shared a bed with her was because The Ash ordered her to do so, thus turning Bo against Lauren because of what she had done in the name of The Ash. Bo then leaves in disgust with Lauren.

Bo then returns to Mayer and calls in the debt he owes her (from the episode Dead Lucky) to find out where Vex is. He relents and gives her the information, but tells Bo that Vex is a favourite of the Dark Elders and she doesn’t want that trouble. Bo takes the information and then leaves.

What follows next is a series of intercuts between Bo’s preparations to kill Vex and the preparations to kill Lou Ann. As part of the scenes with Lou Ann, we also see that Trick is there at the execution as a witness to the event. The execution proceeds and we see Lou Ann killed by lethal injection. The last image is of Bo, armed to the teeth and going after Vex.

We find Vex in a strip club waiting for Bo to appear. She arrives and he taunts her for a time before taking control of her body and making her aim a knife at her stomach. She fights him as best she can, all the while Vex continues to taunt and play with her seeming in the knowledge that she cannot resist his control. Meanwhile, at the Fae Bar, Dyson is playing pool with Kenzi when Lauren arrives, tells him that Bo is going after Vex and where that is. We also learn that Vex is a Fae called a Mesmer. He leaves with Kenzi accompanying him.

Bo is on the floor, the knife she is holding slowly cutting into her stomach. Vex, being overconfident, approaches closer and, to his surprise, Bo uses the Searacon to break his control over her and hurls him away. He still tries to take the upper hand by continuing to taunt Bo about cheating, but she ignores that, placing the Searacon to his throat ready to kill him. He attempts to save himself by offering her information on her mother, to which Bo attempts to get that from him. At that moment Dyson and Kenzi arrive, Dyson pulls Bo from Vex and tells him to leave. Vex does so after a final taunt to Bo. Bo does not want him to escape and tries to follow but it blocked by Dyson. Overwhelmed by emotion, Bo takes the Searacon to Dyson’s throat but relents when Dyson tells her that he cares about her and that Vex knows nothing about her and that no one else does. Bo yells at Dyson as he leaves that someone has to know. Kenzi takes hold of Bo and tells her that they should go home.

The episode ends in the prison morgue with Lou Ann in a body bag. The bag suddenly begins to move and then Lou Ann breaks out of it very much alive, and waiting there for her is Trick who tells her that they need to talk.

Fade to black…

I need to get something off my horns first of all.

Why can’t the series be this good every week? This was a prime example of a well written, tightly shot episode that kept your interest, had an amazing amount of character development and moreover, actually made you care about what was happening. I haven’t really felt that in the series as a whole and if there is any hope in my heart about the series, I pray that they continue to move in this direction and not in the “reset every episode” manner they have in the past.

There were appearances by characters in the past that closed up loose ends in the series, there was use of the background of the Fae that we haven’t see such a revealing use of before. We saw parts of the Fae world that we knew nothing of before and, actually had some important parts of it explained!

Now I have mentioned that this was in fact the pilot episode, not the eighth one, but the previous episodes that have connections with this one fit in well considering where this episode now falls in the actual release order. Here’s the thing however, in past episodes they laid out certain plot points. Like Mayer for example, who’s arc seems to have come to a close with this episode. But they have opened up several other arcs that can be followed if they dare to.

The biggest one being Vex. He is a proper villain for the series in a lot of ways, the main one being that he actually managed to challenge Bo to the point where, if she didn’t have that gift from Trick, she would have lost the fight. All of the other challenges Bo has faced haven’t had the same level of danger to be honest. That needs to continue somehow, possibly in the season finale, which, might explain what the Oracle saw in Bo during the Dead Lucky episode.

Onto Bo in this episode, she did act about as Succubus-like as I have seen her in this episode. Not just in her scenes with Dyson and with Lauren, but it was the self assuredness that she displayed that really caught my attention. Of course there was still the little bits of humour and fun that we have come to expect, but with that was an intensity that really hasn’t been present in the series to this point with her.

Kenzi once again was wearing a wig that didn’t suit her worth a darn, and she was not seen enough really in this episode. It was a pleasure to see her in the two main scenes she was in, but I couldn’t help looking at her wig and wondering why they would make her look like that. I mean, long blonde hair in or not in pigtails does not work for her at all. Still, as always she was a joy to watch and did stellar work as always…

Lauren was, I have to say, a disappointment in one major way, that being her actions with Bo at the will of The Ash. Now I know that was something needed plotwise, but what really caught me was the level of hurt that Bo showed and in contrast, the almost lack of real hurt in Lauren over it all. I am not sure why Lauren doesn’t show her emotions well, but it is something that needs to be improved on for her character to grow. Being happy is Lauren’s world, anything else I just have problems reading her…

Dyson was a hard ass in this episode, but that fits with the series so far, so it’s expected. The problem is that the actions and comments he makes in this episode do not connect well with the past episodes we have seen. That smells of a continuity error somewhere along the line and I can’t blame the actor for it. Still that should not have happened.

The Ash was played with the aloofness I expected from his appearances in the past, but the absolute heartlessness of how he used Lauren to try and control Bo was a surprise to me. I wonder if this has now pushed Bo towards the Dark Fae as a result. That could very well happen I think as she has been obviously hurt badly by Lauren’s actions.

Trick just became more and more interesting this week, it makes for so many questions about what his role is and what power he holds. Just the objects he possesses are proof enough of that, but his being able to get into the execution or to be in the morgue when Lou Ann revives means that he has some kind of status. Could he be as powerful in the Fae would as The Ash or The Morrigan? It could be very possible… I hope so…

My rating of Vexed

Keeping my interest – 5 Pitchforks

Portrayal of a Succubus – 5 Pitchforks

Overall look and feel – 4 Pitchforks

Storyline – 4 Pitchforks

Main Characters – 4 Pitchforks

Mythos – 5 Pitchforks

Overall Rating – 4.5 Pitchforks out of 5

The highest rating of the entire series so far. And it really deserves it. I know that in my heart this should have been the first episode aired, if for no other reason than it opens up so much of this universe to us. I’ve said it before in reviews that the one thing that I think holds the show back is all of the end of show resets that they do. I’m hoping that for once they carry all that happened in this episode forwards. Mind you, if I see Lauren and Bo all happy together next week, that will be disappointing beyond words…

This Sunday, Episode Nine: A fun-filled Fae “high holiday” turns potentially deadly when a Banshee wail predicts the death of someone in Trick’s bar to occur within the next 12 hours. After a scramble that puts Bo and Dyson on the Banshee’s trail, the two learn the name of the Light Fae (Sean) who’s marked for death – and his last wish is for them to help him reconcile with his Dark Fae brother. Bo has to heal the rift between the two brothers at great risk to herself, while trying to unravel and prevent the mysterious death omen hanging over Sean.

Well, it’s not Christmas that is coming for this episode I am quite sure, though what they call the day in question I hope is better than “Fae Day”. That’s a bit low on the imagination scale really. Still, a Banshee will be interesting to see, and I hope that they don’t forget what happened in this week’s episode. They have to stop doing the resets or everything gained in this episode is for naught…

Breaking News! The Lost Girl series has been renewed for a second season according to an announcement from Showcase that you can find here.



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    There are three possibilities, Majesty.

    1. Despite the fact that this episode was filmed to sell the series, it really was the eighth one written, and so things are developing in a positive way.

    2. Since it was the pilot, it was written first, and got the most time and attention, and they haven’t been able to maintain the quality.

    3. Since it was the pilot, it was written first, and contains the creators’ original vision, and the other episodes reflect “fixes” by network execs.

    I am hoping for door #1 . . .

  2. avatar

    Oh I am too… I am too…


  3. avatar

    Dear Mistress Tera,

    Well, that’s good it got Renewed, at least there must be (or will be) more of the
    Story written… This one sounded more coherent than the rest, but as James
    points out, it was the pilot… If it stops being so scattered, or Being a ‘Reset’
    every Week, so much the better. And Bo would make more sense as a Character
    of a Succubus if she were to take more positive Action for Herself (just as most
    people should anyway..) and not wind up being ‘dragged along’ by the others in
    Her Life…

  4. avatar

    I think that Bo will be “dragged” mostly to set up the season ending moment. They have been sort of hinting that “fate” is all in the series, especially with episode 9..

    Hoping for different though…


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