Nov 10 2010

A Mostly Red Hot Succubus Costume…

Sometimes you come across something you want, or need, after you need it. Well, I am somewhat a victim of that with the costume I found this week…

It would have been something I would have been rather happy with this year…

This costume is called the Fever Red Hot Devil Costume. I think that the word Fever is kind of redundant to be honest, but I didn’t name it so…

This costume comes with a short red velveteen dress with a gathered side, it also has black front lacing and halter neck design. It also comes with the pair of red devil horns and the trident as shown in the images here. The shoes and stockings however are not included, but are a suggested addition to the outfit.

And really if you are going to wear this costume, you should take the stockings and shoes to make it complete…

I actually like the dress/costume a lot more than I thought I would when I first saw it. I don’t care for the trident however, I really don’t like any of the pitchforks or tridents that generally come with the costumes I have found… Just looks too cheap to be honest… I can live with the horns, they aren’t too outrageous or silly or cartoonish in nature, so I would probably use them in this case…

Now of course comes the question of what this costume costs. And actually it’s not that evil really… $50 US seems to be a reasonable cost for this, the heels and the stockings are available as a package for $75 US, which also seems to be reasonable as well.

I’m going to give this four pitchforks out of five, for the cute, for the sexy and for the fact that it doesn’t look too silly…

Save for the pitchfork. That has to go.



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    Well, if you overlooked this costume before, Majesty, it may well be because the model looks idiotic in these pictures.

    No succubi is an idiot.

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    Well, not normally at least my heart…



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