Nov 09 2010

Temptations 85

Questions are part of the Succubi Queen’s trade… The answers will surprise you I think….


Temptations 85

By TeraS and JHB

She laughed softly at his words and then said to him with a sparkle in her eyes, “Oh… Crazy perhaps…” Then she pinched two fingers together and said, “Maybe by that much…”

At his wish to meet the Queen she said with an amused smile, “Tell me then… What do you think she looks like… I’m… curious at what your imagination will reveal…”

“I am sure she is a very powerful, probably quite intelligent woman, and you can usually see such things in a person’s eyes and bearing.  I doubt that she looks “evil,” for two reasons: first, truly evil beings hardly ever look evil; second, I doubt that she is truly evil, given what we have discussed.

“In fact, I suspect that you think, from what you have said, that you expect me to be surprised by her appearance.  I am open to just about everything.”

He takes a moment to form his next words, still surprised that such a beautiful woman would talk to him.

“Of course, she could hardly be expected to keep up with your beauty.”

She smiled with bemusement and said, “Flatterer… I would call you a silver tongued devil, but I have met many of those in my travels… They are pale imitations really to your wit and bearing…”

For a moment she ran a finger across her red lips before continuing on, “Is she intelligent? I would think she was… But then we hit upon your note… That those that are evil do not look evil… She doesn’t look evil in truth other than her red horns and tail, but for many that is enough to judge her… I am pleasantly surprised at your acceptance of the possibility that she is not evil… By that one statement alone you have seen more than most and given more than is expected…”

She raised her hands to her head and pushed the locks of raven hair around a bit there allowing a small. almost cute pair of red horns to peek though her hair into the light…

She titled her head to the right as a long sinuous red tail rose into the air behind her, the tip arching over her right shoulder before it twisted slightly making it look as if it was considering him as well…

And she said, “My name is Tera… I am the Queen of the Succubi… Welcome to my Realm…”


And so the path is fully offered for the one that is the Queen’s Heart…



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    Your heart will always be grateful for being offered the path, and honored by your generous designation, Majesty.

  2. avatar

    Exactly How I would suspect the Queen would reveal Herself….

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    And I am always thankful that you agreed to try my heart…


  4. avatar

    I am rather low key on that sort of thing aren’t I when it comes to revealing things…


  5. avatar

    Real Sensuality and Strength is very difficult to Hide; I would think I would Recognize one such as Tera rather Easily…

  6. avatar

    The horns would be a clue Gryphon…



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