Icky Spiders for the Lost Girl Succubus Bo…

It’s difficult to stay happy about a series when, for a reason you cannot understand, they move away from actually moving forwards to sitting still.

Episode seven of the Lost Girl TV series was this week. I wasn’t thrilled to see it, didn’t think a lot of it, and honestly save for a couple of high points in it, I am still wondering why they are continuing the series in they way they are…

As usual, I will be posting thoughts every Friday of the week after an episode of Lost Girl is shown. I will be adding the individual episodes to the SuccuWiki somewhat sooner than that, but won’t be adding my commentary to the articles….

Kenzi discovers that all is not right in her world, but that’s because she has…


The show opens with Bo (Anna Silk) and Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) in their apartment, a pizza delivery man making a delivery and Kenzi flirting with him. Bo appears and uses her powers on him to make him leave moments later to which Kenzi seems none too happy about. Following that, Bo and Kenzi have their first real argument between them that we have seen so far. The discussion jumps back and forth between things that Kenzi does that drive Bo crazy and vice versa. Bo tries to make light of the argument after a while and Kenzi relaxes somewhat, finally agreeing that the apartment does need to be clean up somewhat.

We then switch to a house elsewhere in the city in which a pair of older women live. We see that one of them seems to be not quite right for some reason and then, soon after, the pair attack each other and kill themselves. The last image from this scene is a large spider appearing in the room with them.

After the opening credits, we return to Bo and Kenzi in their apartment. Kenzi is running around in an outfit that makes her look like a fortune teller. She is prepared for what she calls a side job in which she pretends to communicate with the spirit world to cleanse houses of evil spirits and the like. Bo decides that she cannot pass the opportunity to see what Kenzi is doing and tags along.

The pair arrive at the house where the two older women died earlier in the episode, meeting a real estate agent who has hired Kenzi to make the home safe from evil spirits there. Kenzi proceeds to play out her scam to the real estate agent while Bo attempts not to seem to unbelieving and spoil the show that Kenzi is putting on. This goes on for some time with Bo barely being able to keep from breaking out in laughter.

Dyson (Kristen Holden-Ried) and Hale (K.C. Collins) then are shown investigating the incident by interviewing the neighbours. The discuss the case for a bit, and the comment is made that it is the fourth murder suicide in the past three months. Dyson thinks that a Dark Fae is involved somehow, but Hale isn’t convinced of that. Then they notice Bo’s car at the murder scene home and decide to go there and find out what Bo is doing there.

Meanwhile, Kenzi is still working her scam with Bo slowly losing control as Kenzi’s method gets weirder and weirder by the moment until she seems to collapse. As Bo goes to help her, we see that the large spider from earlier moves unseen into Kenzi’s bag, hiding within it. The real estate agent seems to fall for the scam and starts to give Kenzi her fee, and the pair leave the house.

They find Dyson and Hale waiting for them outside by Bo’s car, Dyson and Bo flit a bit while Hale and Kenzi discuss the scam a bit, Hale seeming to be impressed by what she is managing to accomplish with it and gets a cut from Kenzi to be quiet about it. Dyson asks for Bo’s help in investigating the multiple murders and they agree to meet back at the Fae Bar.

Returning there, Bo and Dyson discuss the facts of the case so far, the most interesting one being that all of the events happened within a five mile area. Dyson asks that Bo help him by looking around and possibly asking her Dark Fae contacts if they know anything. Moments later Laure (Zoie Palmer) appears looking for Bo as they were supposed to be meeting at the bar. After a few uncomfortable moments for Bo as Dyson and Lauren prod each other, she gets them all to sit down together, at least for a little while. The sexual innuendoes fly for a bit, Bo obviously uncomfortable at how the other two are reacting to her.

Hale and Kenzi meanwhile are watching from across the room and the pair comment about how the trio are messing up their relationships. They discuss Hale’s relationship with Dyson a bit, noting that he has not been in control of it. Then Kenzi reaches into her bag, lets out a yell and comments that she thinks she had been bitten by something. Hale looks in and finds that Kenzi is carrying a number of weapons in the bag including a knife, throwing star and other such items. Kenzi gathers them all together and then leaves the scene.

We go back to the trio of Dyson, Lauren and Bo, and watch the barely contained animosity  between Lauren and Dyson, with Bo stuck in the middle trying to keep things if not civil, at least under control. The verbal fighting gets very personal and then, finally, Lauren leaves Dyson and Bo behind.

Kenzi in the meantime is back at the apartment watching television. She sees a note from Bo about folding laundry and freaks out slightly, tossing it to the floor as Bo returns home. They talk about Bo and her relationship with Dyson and Lauren, Bo wishing that Dyson would actually commit to her and that she still might kill Lauren if she isn’t careful. Bo then leaves Kenzi watching television with the comment that she needs to do the laundry. Elsewhere, the spider leaves Kenzi’s bag and vanishes into the apartment.

We then see Bo in the shower, the spider crawling around the ceiling and walls before pausing near her and leaping towards her. There is a cut then to Kenzi eating her cereal and commenting about it in general before she starts to hear things in the apartment which frighten her. Bo then appears, we don’t know if the spider has bitten her or not, and again tells Kenzi to clean the place up. The pair then comment to each other that they both have headaches from being at the bar the previous night. It also looks as if the pair are both getting a short temper and, as well, they seem to be itching for some reason. However, Kenzi makes the suggestion that Bo sees Lauren over this.

Bo does so, but Lauren cannot find anything physically wrong with her. Then Kenzi appears asking Lauren to look at her. While she is doing that, Bo has a vision of Lauren and Kenzi being intimate together, which abruptly ends. The pair rant at each other for a moment and then go their separate ways.

Dyson meanwhile is at his office trying to figure out what is going on at the original crime scenes with Hale. Bo arrives in a wild mood, gives Dyson some information and then asks him to do a background check on Kenzi. Bo has another vision of Dyson telling her to kill Kenzi, which passes in a moment back to reality again. Bo leaves in a barely controlled panic moments later. As they were talking, Hale was looking through some evidence connected to their case and discovers a package with cobwebs on it. The two realize that there were cobwebs all over every one of the crime scenes and rush off to see Lauren.

Lauren examines the evidence, notes that it cannot be from a normal spider and indicates that she needs to examine the evidence further. She then gets Dyson to undergo a physical examination that he has been avoiding with her for some time. They talk in a round about way about Dyson seeing a shrink, that he seems tired all the time and Lauren comments that she and Bo are close. This obviously gets on Dyson’s nerves and finally, when Lauren is finished, he leaves.

Returning to Bo, she finds Kenzi at the apartment freaked out over a spider that she says was attacking her. Bo seems not to take that seriously, but Kenzi attempts to prove to her that one exists. Bo gets more paranoid and Kenzi becomes more and more frantic as they move towards the basement.

Dyson, in the meantime, receives a call from Lauren. She has identified the Fae involved as a Djieiene. She describes it as being an UnderFae from South America, similar to a large spider that injects a venom into its victims that results in hallucinations and paranoia. After she tells Dyson of the symptoms, he comes to the realization that Bo must have been bitten by one. Lauren tells him that as long as the Djieiene is alive, Bo will be under its control. He rushes off to find Bo and, in the meantime, Lauren contacts the Ash in order to gain assistance in controlling the situation.

Getting back to Bo and Dyson, they find the Djieiene in the basement.  Then they progressively descend further and further into their mutual distrust and paranoia with multiple hallucinations occurring over and over again to the pair. Hale arrives at the scene, being sent there by Dyson ahead of his arrival there. He however cannot make Kenzi calm down and Bo knocks him out. We then see Hale tied up, and Bo and Kenzi still ranting at each other about all of the things that bug them about one another. Bo then seems to realize that she is sick and then decides that she needs to feed. And Kenzi is the one she is going to feed from. Kenzi rants that she expected this someday, that Bo only had her there to feed from and nothing else. Kenzi runs off and then Bo decides to feed on Hale instead. This seems to snap her out of the Djieiene’s control and she tries to find Kenzi. Failing that she attempts to leave the apartment, but finds herself trapped by Lauren’s actions. A quarantine has been placed around their apartment and Bo is told if they try to leave they will be killed.

Dyson arrives to find Bo’s home under Fae control and that control is under the command of a Fae he knows named Serena (Lisa Berry). She tells him that she is now the Ash’s head of security. She also tells him that she will not let him in, nor can she help him and that Lauren is responsible for this. In the end, she does tell Dyson that he has two hours to save his friends before she will have to kill both the Djieiene and all of its victims.

Bo then calls Dyson, tells him what is going on and that she healed herself though Hale which makes Dyson make a comment about that. Looking back at Hale, we find him walking up again and the Djieiene moving towards him. It bites him, he returns to unconsciousness now a victim as well. Bo and Dyson continue to talk on the phone until Dyson tells Bo to kill the Djieiene and leaves the scene.

Trip is seen then reading an old book as Dyson arrives. Lauren is there as well and Dyson confronts her about what she did. Lauren tells him that the Djieiene is responsible for many deaths and it is necessary. He then asks Trip if there is a way to kill the Djieiene. He tells him that they don’t know how.

Bo in the meantime, searches for the creature and finds it, cutting it in half with a shovel. This however, doesn’t kill it, and the creature reforms within a moment again.

Trick discovers that the heart of the Djieiene is hidden by it and that it must be destroyed in order to kill it. Looking through some leads that Bo turned up, Trick tells Dyson that one of the people listed dealt in exotic animals and UnderFae. He then leaves for that person’s home with Lauren.

Back at the apartment, Hale is still out cold as Kenzi appears and begins to free him. She has, before doing that, trapped Bo in the basement with the Djieiene. She frees Hale and tells him to show her the way out of there. Hale, under the Djieiene’s control grabs an axe and then follows Kenzi down a hallway. Hale then uses his Fae powers to try to control Kenzi, but she breaks free enough to use a vacuum cleaner to drown out those powers.

Dyson and Lauren return to Trip with the Gordon (Jeff Kassel), the one that brought the Djieiene to the city. It turns out that the Djieiene is controlling him and that instead of the heart being buried somewhere, it is inside of that man. Lauren asks for something to do surgery on him with and Trick gives her a basket of knifes and other items to work with.

Hale is still attempting to get to Kenzi meanwhile, and does manage to almost get to Kenzi, but Bo hits him over the head with a frying pan, for the second time, and he goes down again. Kenzi then grabs Hale’s gun and confronts Bo, planning to kill her.

Dyson calls Serena, trying to get some more time from her, but she refuses. Then she shows her Fae power, that being of fire and approaches the building to set it afire. Lauren continues to operate in search of the Djieiene’s heart in the meantime. Flashing back to Bo and Kenzi, Kenzi starts to take shots at Bo, still ranting as she does. Lauren finds the heart, removes it from the host, and then seems to be taken by it scientifically. Finally, at the moment where Bo and Kenzi are about to kill each other, Lauren does kill it, freeing Kenzi and ending the creature’s power over everyone it has infected.

Lauren then calls Serena, and stops the extermination that was about to begin. Notably, she uses the phrase, In the Ash’s name it is done. Sirena seems upset that she can’t do so, but turns away and they leave.

The episode ends with Bo and Kenzi back in Lauren’s laboratory being examined in the aftermath of what happened in the episode. Bo thanks Lauren for saving her and Kenzi. She attempts to rebuild their relationship again by offering to by Lauren a drink, Hale apologizes to Kenzi for what he almost did to her,  Dyson confronts Lauren for her actions in the episode noting that what she did almost killed Bo. We then see Bo and Kenzi back at home making up and straightening out a few things. Dyson arrives moments later with a pizza, which Kenzi takes. He then explains to Bo that Lauren is too close to the Ash and that she is too close to Lauren, which concerns him greatly. Bo refuses to change her ways assuming that it is to do with the fact that she is seeing other people. Dyson then leaves in disgust over her attitude. The last thing we see is Kenzi using bug spray on the apartment.

Fade to black…

It bothers me that this was the episode that appeared for Halloween. I think that there could have been something better for this week’s show, this just doesn’t strike me as being “Halloweenish”… And that bothers me. You would think that a supernaturally based program would use the show being run on Halloween to do something really frightening or at the least, more Halloween focused.

Anyway, things that I liked. The mythos of this series became a lot larger in this episode. We learned something of the Ash’s organization, Lauren’s level of power in it and as well, what they are willing to do if drastic measures are needed. We also met someone important, Serena, in the chain of command that I think will be returning at some point in the future again.

I liked that there was some limited character development, even though there seemed to be a reset at the end of the episode that put them almost exactly where they were at the beginning of it. I also liked that some reference was given to past events in the series, that hasn’t happened a lot so far that I have seen.

The Djieiene’s appearance through the episode went from almost cartoonish to really quite impressive. That sort of inconsistency is something else that bothers me. I realize that sometimes you cannot use the level of effects you would like to, but trying to keep things looking more or less equal would have been nice.

We didn’t see much of Bo as a Succubus in this episode, that only really happened three times. Once for humour and the other two times as plot points. As the show is about Bo and her situation, would it not be a good idea to give us more of that? There was reference made to Bo’s ongoing fear of killing Lauren however, which might turn into a major plot point near the season finale with some luck. It also showed Bo feeding from Hale, if but once and under the influence of the Djieiene.

The episode didn’t keep me interested through it all. The worst part for me was in the middle when Bo and Kenzi were ranting at each other. That was necessary I know, but seeing that over and over again began to grate a lot on my nerves.

The storyline seemed to be a throwaway of sorts. Something to create some tension and a little bit of fear and shock in the viewer, but within the series itself, I can’t see how this will help in moving the overall story forwards. This is the second episode in a row that we aren’t dealing with the point of the show, that being what Bo is and who she is. We need to get back to that… Soon.

The mythos of the series grew in several ways, if only to add to he structure of it and not in the substance, which still needs to be done. Questions are raised, but the questions seem to be nothing that needs to be answered in the series itself.

It bothers me the amount of infighting that we saw at the beginning of the episode and at the end of it. The forced tension between Bo, Lauren and Dyson does not need to go this way. The relationship between Hale and Kenzi I think actually grew and moved further than the other characters did. If they can do that for the sidekicks as it were, why can’t they do that for the leads?

A thought about Trick. While he didn’t appear very long this time, he did provide some needed information, although a bit conjured up in nature. I found it interesting that the book mentioned earlier in the series where the new Fae registered upon arriving came back and was of use. But he was not used well enough here for what information he held, even though some vital data was communicated by him.

Finally, Lauren. I have to say that her character seems more and more unlikeable the further that the series pushes the relationships Bo has. I understand that Bo is supposed to be bisexual in nature. That’s fine, but why is it that Lauren must have a look on her that seems to suggest that she is either uncomfortable or wary of the people around her. Moreover, why is it the same smile, shrug and look of embarrassment? There should be more depth to her otherwise she is wasted in being simply another love interest for Bo. She can, and should be more than that…

My rating of ArachnoFaebia

Keeping my interest – 2 Pitchforks

Portrayal of a Succubus – 4 Pitchforks

Overall look and feel – 3 Pitchforks

Storyline – 1 Pitchforks

Main Characters – 4 Pitchforks

Mythos – 4 Pitchforks

Overall Rating – 3 Pitchforks out of 5

A new low point in the series, and that disappoints me so very much. I’m not giving up on Bo, Kenzi, and the rest… Not because I am doing these reviews and so on, but rather because I have the hope that the series will follow the ST:TNG model. That being that season one is not that good, but season two is where the real progress is made. I think that can happen, and will happen if the series has the chance to.

This Sunday, Episode Eight: Bo’s freelance work earns her a lead on someone who might know something about her mother… but the trail ends at Lou Ann, a death row inmate who claims not to know anything about Bo.

This might be a good episode in one way, because episode eight is the one that they showed to Showcase in order to sell the series to them. It’ll be interesting to see where they started from compared to where they are right now. Or at least I would hope so at least.



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    • avatar
    • Gryphon on November 5, 2010 at 12:13 pm

    Dear Mistress Tera – I guess all we can do is Hope that if the show survives for
    another season that it will become more… sensible. Hope You had some Fun
    on Halloween, and all your ‘victims’ were left with Smiles on their faces…

    • avatar
    • James on November 5, 2010 at 9:09 pm

    I suspect, more and more, that this isn’t a succubi story, but a sex-and-angst story that uses a succubi as the excuse. But we shall see . . .

    • avatar
    • TeraS on November 6, 2010 at 5:10 pm

    It’s entirely possibly true my heart, but I still live in hope…


    • avatar
    • TeraS on November 6, 2010 at 5:13 pm

    It was a lovely Halloween dearest Gryphon… We attended a charity thing for my office and presented a donation to the local Kid’s hospital which was well received… Didn’t stay too long as the Queen and her King did have other appointments that night you know…


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