Temptations 84

The doors to one’s heart can be found when you listen hard enough… The path to a Succubi Queen’s Tail is not as simple, but is as worthwhile…


Temptations 84

By TeraS and JHB

“No, of course not.  ‘Demonic’ and ‘angelic’ are human catagories, applied to certain creatures based, all too often, on appearances, and on perceptions of behaviors without knowing all of the facts.  It’s some of the worst kind of prejudice.  People assume behaviors based on the activities of one ‘demon’ or one ‘angel, or based, more likely, upon legend, upon history written by some biased winner long ago, and then applying that perception to generations of those who somehow l appear to be similar to whomever came first.”

He realized he was rattling on–an occupational hazard for a scholar. “I try very hard to judge each person I meet based on the behavior they display to me.”

She allowed him a smile as she replied, “Interesting… Then I ask of you a question… The Queen of the Succubi… Is she not evil incarnate? Should you not assume that all she is lies and evil and so on because that is what the past says their kind are and will always be?”

Her right hand musssed up her hair slightly as she continued, “After all… Someone like that should never be trusted…. Isn’t that right? Or is there a chance that they can decide that perhaps in their case grey is preferable to light or dark… Or both?”

She tapped her finger to her lips after removing it from her hair, “Or is that all fantasy and falsehoods to themselves in truth?”

“People who try to make things all fantasy and falsehoods, all black or white, are idiots,” he say to the lovely woman who has just tossled her hair, “and you are, clearly, no idiot.”

“Yes, there are those who would say the Queen of the Succubi is evil incarnate, but a lot of those folks have histories of which they should be justly ashamed.  They have more than a little evil in their backgrounds, as we all do, and we have the potential for great good, sometimes even beauty.  Why not this Queen of whom you speak?  I would be interested in meeting her, in learning more.”



Perhaps so my heart… But like all of us, we have our insecurities…



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    • James on November 2, 2010 at 9:18 am

    Yes, we do, Dear One . . . and you have helped me so much with managing mine. I hope I have done even a tiny bit to aid you with yours.

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    • TeraS on November 2, 2010 at 7:25 pm


    That has never been a doubt my heart…


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