The Story of the Succubus Halloween Story Book

It’s Halloween once more and the Queen of the Succubi has managed to complete a story and a manip for this year’s offerings to the readers of the Tale, the Garden and of course the Hypnopics Collective…

It’s called The Succubus Halloween Book

You can of course click on the image to see the larger version, but for those that only care about the story…

Here it is, I hope, to entertain you…

Once a year, the barriers between the worlds become thin and, when they do, sometimes, something makes it way through and within.

A book in red bindings materialized one day, the markings upon it announcing that it was cursed in some way.  Some knew the signs for what they were, and passed it by, the lessons within unlearned.  But the book was patient. Someday it’s powers would be heard. It was patient, and awaited its turn.

Then one day, a Bimbo stumbled by, her thoughts—as we might expect—on everything but what she shouldn’t be captured by. Blond she was, in pink from head to toe, her body and mind both stereotypically so.

She came upon it there in the woods, the red calling to her to have a small look. Picked it up, the silly girl did, and opened the pages to read what was there in that book.  Her mind was entrapped, she could not stop; the book made certain that her curiosity trapped all of her thoughts. Pages turned, one by one, and the book turned her from who she once was, for that was the book’s purpose and it was after all an important one.

Her looks went from Bimbo to Mistress one by one.

Her hair turned raven from blonde, the colour darkening by page twenty-three.

The pink dress vanished next, you see, that was page forty and one.

By ninety-four, the black dress in latex appeared.

By one hundred, her stockings and armlets were made clear.

The shoes held her by one-twenty-one, shaping her walk and her stature and making her, just a little bit, to cum.

When the sixty-ninth chapter began, the horns appeared and set her path. The tail drew up and almost seemed to laugh.

The book finished with her finally, a Succubus created where there was nothing like her once before. The book wasn’t finished, but only started making her learn.

Now she looks at you with a smile, her thoughts not as they once were. Oh she still thinks of pussies and cock and sex, but there is more than that now for her.  Now her thoughts are of ensnaring your will, your place at her feet, mewling and begging . . . oh yes, you most certainly will.

Your thoughts grow dim as your mind now fades away

You fall to your knees as her laughter echoes around you again and again.

The last thing you see as your mind goes away, is the book she holds, barring your way.  You hear it tell you that you must submit, give in, give up, and you realize that is your wish today.

The story does not end here–it never does–for now you are both simply the book’s chapters seventy and seventy-one . . .

I’d like to thank James as always for his editing help with my scattered words… The Poet Laureate of the Realm is, as always, wonderful…


Happy Halloween to all!



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    • James on October 31, 2010 at 1:53 pm

    The poet laureate, as usual, is getting too much credit for lightly polishing the Queen’s brilliance . . .

    Happy Halloween, Majesty.

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    • Gryphon on October 31, 2010 at 2:48 pm

    Lovely Mistress Tera – Your Stories can make me Laugh ’til it Hurts, then read them again in Amazement at Your most Vivid Imagination, how even More than
    a Photograph, You have ‘Brought Alive’ the Image to my mind….
    “Then one Day, a Bimbo stumbled by….” and all of the rest, so Brilliant and
    Have Fun tormenting the weak-willed men Tonight, Mistress….


    • avatar
    • TeraS on October 31, 2010 at 6:17 pm

    The Poet Laureate is, as always being silly…


    • avatar
    • TeraS on October 31, 2010 at 6:18 pm

    I promise only a little torment tonight Gryphon….


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