Some food on Lost Girl isn’t fit for a Succubus…

I think that this week’s episode was the first one that I actually considered not watching to the end for the ick factor in it.

Episode six of the Lost Girl TV series was this week. Honestly I didn’t like it much, probably will never watch it again, but, if this is the low point of the series, I’ll deal with that.

As usual, I will be posting thoughts every Friday of the week after an episode of Lost Girl is shown. I will be adding the individual episodes to the SuccuWiki somewhat sooner than that, but won’t be adding my commentary to the articles….

Bo finds out that, occasionally, you find that someone gives you…

Food For Thought

The episode begins in Bo and Kenzi’s apartment with Bo trying to figure out what she is going to be wearing. That matters because Lauren is going to be taking Bo out into the world to see how Bo is managing with her ability to control her need to feed on others. Kenzi needles Bo repeatedly, noting that she thinks that Bo has a thing for Lauren, which Bo tries to refute.

The scene then switches to a kitchen somewhere else and we see a woman cutting meat and other items, placing them into a pot. She then goes into the fridge and takes a human foot out of it, and then places it into the pot. We then see this woman in bed asleep, when she suddenly awakes screaming and the opening credits roll…

We return to find Lauren and Bo in a human bar having drinks and discussing Bo’s succubus powers. Bo tells Lauren that she can sense many different things about the people around her. She can read the sexual energy in others, by looking at energy flows between and within them. She describes it as the hotter the energy the higher the arousal. In one case, Bp is able to see that, in one couple, the girl highly aroused, but the guy she is with is average. After playing that game with one other couple, Lauren asks where her arousal is. Bo replies that she knows that Lauren is curious, but that it might not be all scientific. An awkward moment passes between the two and then the pair move to a couch in another room of the bar. There, Lauren tries to allow Bo to feed on her, they touch hands and there is a moment of energy passing between the two. Bo says that she is hungry and almost kisses Lauren, but she breaks contact at the last moment.

The scene shifts to the following day and we find Bo and Kenzi at Lauren’s office waiting for her to arrive. Lauren arrives eventually, but says that there is an emergency and she can’t see Bo at that moment. Bo and Kenzi, with Lauren’s agreement, follow her to a house call.

That turns out to be the woman we saw at the beginning of the episode cooking a foot. Her name is Helema (Lynne Griffen), and she is what is called an Aswang. We find out that this kind of Fae are carrion-eaters who live off human corpses. It turns out that something is making her very sick. That can be seen from the blood pouring from Helema’s eyes and the amount of discomfort she is in. While that is being discovered, Kenzi finds the soup that was being made, and, has a bowl of it.

Bo returns to Kenzi, sees what she is eating and tells Kenzi what it was. Kenzi becomes very distraught, trying to get the taste of it out of her senses. Lauren comes into the room and tells Bo that they need to find out where that foot came from in order to figure out how to help Helema before it is too late.

We switch to Trick (Rick Howland) at the Fae Bar where he is having a discussion with another Fae named Arval (Julian Richings). He is a trader and seeker of items, and he has brought Trick something he needs for making a dish called Colcannon. It is what Trick calls the secret ingredient. The pair discuss what Trick will trade for the ingredient. Initially a trade for a chain called the fetter Gleipnir, that held a Fenris Wolf, which Trick has in his possession is suggested. The item is shown, but not traded. It is described as a chain made by dwarves and apparently stronger than any chain. In the end, a deal is apparently made for another item.

Bo and Kenzi’s investigation brings them to a funeral home where they discover that it is the source of food for many Fae that digest dead things. They obtain the information on the owner of the foot, from one of the owners of the home, named Marian (Karen Glave), finding out that it was the victim of a hit-and-run accident. Moreover, they find out that the body was specifically marked for an Aswang’s use as there seemed to be something odd about it and, apparently, Awang can eat anything.

Using that information, Bo and Kenzi go to the dead man’s home, finding it ransacked. They are attacked by a burglar who escapes the pair after attacking them. But, in the aftermath of the fight, Kenzi’s eyes are bleeding.

Bo takes Kenzi to Lauren where she discovers that Lauren has made no progress in finding out what is causing Helema’s sickness. Kenzi attempts to leave, but is restrained in the end, while Bo leaves to find Dyson in order to find out more about the dead man.

Dyson finds out that the dead man couldn’t hold a job but suddenly received regular payments a short time before he died. The company providing the money however is a front and that trail seems to go cold. Dyson asks about the burglar and Bo remembers a tattoo she saw. That clue tells Dyson that a biker gang is involved and they leave for the biker’s clubhouse. Arriving there, Bo finds the man she is looking for and, after some convincing including some literal arm twisting, finds out that the goon was hired by a company called Berrett Chemicals.

Dyson and Bo return to Lauren’s lab where Bo attempts to get Lauren to help her look into the company from the inside. While that goes on, Dyson sits with Kenzi trying to comfort her and take her mind off what is going on. Soon after a plan is hatched where Bo will use her powers of persuasion to get inside, while Dyson finds a way for Lauren to get in as well.

We next see Bo in the company seducing the chief of operations at the company, who it turns out, is a bit of a ladies’ man. Bo easily gets hired by him and starts snooping around the place. Dyson in the meantime arrests a woman named Dr. Christina Hanson (Laura DeCarteret), giving her identification to Lauren in order for her to get inside the building where Bo is.

A short scene with Kenzi reveals that Lauren’s people were unable to save Helema, which Kenzi sees happening before she is knocked out by one of Lauren’s assistants. Next is a very short scene with Lauren and Bo meeting up and coming to the decision that they will need to get into a restricted area later that day to find out what is going on. We return to Kenzi once again, she taunts Lauren’s assistant, distracting him long enough for her to threaten his life and making her escape. Following that, we see a fast series of moments which show Lauren preparing for her role in getting into the restricted area, Dyson discovering that Kenzi has escaped, and Bo tempting and controlling the head of operations. Dyson finds Kenzi in a cemetery and comforts her as best he can, eventually promising Kenzi that he would take her somewhere safe to stay. She agrees and in doing so, seems to come to trust him more than she has in the past. Lauren escapes from a pair of security guards in another quick scene and then we return to Kenzi and Dyson.

They have gone to the Fae Bar and to the protection of Trick, which appears to be the safe place that Dyson suggested and Kenzi seems to be comfortable with. An interesting comment is made between Dyson and Trick that Dyson doesn’t always do what the Ash orders. Trick notes that the Ash isn’t supposed to know that. Dyson asks if Trick can do anything. Trick says he can buy Kenzi some time, but the rest is up to Bo and Lauren.

We return to Bo, who takes out a guard protecting the restricted area. She does so by feeding on the guard, but does not kill him. She is, however, seen by another guard and is trapped. That is until Lauren appears and takes out that guard. Lauren congratulates Bo on her control in feeding and then the pair enters the restricted area.

Meanwhile, Trick meets with Arval again, Trick had asked for something from him in order to help Kenzi. It turns out that this item was rare enough that Arval had to trade his last Phoenix skin, a rare tusk and a first edition of a book that is never named. The item that Trick wants turns out to be a horn of some kind which we find out later is called an Abethorne, but is never explained to why it is so rare and expensive. Trick trades the Gleipnir to Ariel for the horn and one future trade. Arval agrees to this in amazement as Trick leaves with the horn to attend to Kenzi.

Kenzi in the meantime awakes and looks around the room she is in to find a closed pouch with various items in it. Trick tells her not to touch them. When asked what they are, Trick replies that they are things he no longer uses. Trick then has Kenzi drink a tea he made with the use of the horn he traded for. Kenzi and Trick have some time together in which Trick reveals a bit more about himself, that he has had experience in healing and tending to others. Kenzi seems to be grateful for his help and tells him so as Dyson arrives in the room.

Bo and Lauren break into the restricted area to find that the space is mostly empty save for a large tank filled with a green liquid and something moving within. That something turns out to be a Basilisk. Lauren explains that this creature is an extremely rare underFae that has a deadly toxic skin.

Dyson has a talk with Kenzi as this goes on, the pair coming to an understanding between them. Kenzi tells Dyson that she sees things because people look at Bo and not her. She tells him that she can see that he is helping her in spite of the pain and damage he takes. She demands the promise from him that when she is gone, he will watch Bo’s back. Dyson tries to avoid that promise, but the expressions from him prove that he will do what Kenzi asks.

Lauren with the help of Bo manages to get a sample from the creature and then before leaving, shut off the life support to the creature killing it as it is too dangerous  to leave in the hands of the people that have it. The pair rush out of the lab and escape as alarms sound in response to what they have done.

Lauren and Bo return to Kenzi with the cure and start administering it to her. At first it seems not to be working, much to the chagrin of Trick in particular. Eventually the cure does work, Kenzi begins to respond to the cure, but Lauren notes that it will still take some time for her to recover properly. As Lauren leaves, Bo thanks her, the pair share a moment of understanding between them and then Lauren leaves the scene.

The episode ends with Kenzi having a burger, fries and a milkshake with Trick’s blessings, Bo and Dyson spend some time talking about how Bo has gotten some good points with The Ash for what she did. She also tells Dyson that she has better control over her feeding and can manage to control it better than before. She mentions that she can probably have sex with humans again, but Dyson seems none too happy about that idea. He is even more unhappy when Bo suggests that she might see other people and then walks away from her. The last image we see is Trick watching over Kenzi and Bo in the background looking at them both.

Fade to black…

I’m going to be blunt. I really didn’t enjoy a lot of this episode. There was a bit too much ick in it for me with the, for lack of a better description, cannibalism  by the Aswang.

What did I like? Kenzi. There was a great deal to like about what happened to her emotionally and characterwise in her development. She has become a focal point in the story I think which is a good thing as it opens a lot of possible stories to explore through her. However, we don’t need every other episode to be “how do we save Kenzi this week?”

Lauren was at some points interesting, but, I regret to say that she is still being played a bit too stiff and formal for my liking. It would be, I think, a good idea to have a relationship move forward between her and Bo if for no other reason than to give Dyson a kick in the rear to do something about how he feels about Bo.

Speaking of Bo, I thought that the description of her powers in reading others was well done and taught us a good deal about how Succubi function in this universe. That in itself made this episode for me, without it I would have rated it far lower.

Trick, he is a mystery still, but I have the oddest feeling that he is in fact the mythical being known as Puck, you can find out about that myth in Wikipedia easily enough. But besides that, Trick became far more interesting to me this episode that he has really been in the past. The items he has around him speak volumes and open intriguing storylines..

Like Dyson. We know he can transform into a wolf, but it was unclear what he was exactly. Seeing that Trick had Gleipnir, it’s a good possibility that Dyson is in fact a Fenris wolf, a creature of Norse mythology? It would explain quite a lot about him and would give a reason why Trick seems to have some power over him. Setting that aside, Dyson showed why he is the tragic hero of this series, unable to do what he wishes for the role he is forced to play. But this is getting a bit old and I wish that the series will settle his relationship with Bo sooner rather than later.

One of the big questions that is never answered is why the Basilisk was held by that lab and what they were using it for. That’s a question that I think might come back to haunt the Fae in the future. At least I hope so, it would be a shame to leave that plot point unsolved really…

I was hoping for more than this episode gave. I think that with less of the ick and more of the character development I would have rated it higher, but I just couldn’t do that for all of the moments when I thought to myself, why are they doing this?

My rating of Food For Thought

Keeping my interest – 3 Pitchforks

Portrayal of a Succubus – 5 Pitchforks

Overall look and feel – 2 Pitchforks

Storyline – 2 Pitchforks

Main Characters – 4 Pitchforks

Mythos – 4 Pitchforks

Overall Rating – 3.4 Pitchforks out of 5

The lowest rating of all of the episodes so far. I blame that on the overwhelming, at least to me, ick factor in the entire storyline. The highlight was Bo telling and showing things about her Succubus nature that, really, did add a tremendous amount of information to her mythos. That saved this story a lot. Otherwise it just seemed like a horror story for the sake of a few gross out moments without actually helping the Bo story to move forwards. I still think that, since we have a limited amount of story time to share, put a good deal of Bo’s background or search for that in the show. Going off into worlds that add nothing to the story is, regrettably, disappointing.

This Sunday, Episode Seven: When con artist Kenzi runs a “Shaman” scam, and does a spiritual cleanse of a human house where a bloody murder-suicide took place, she inadvertently brings home a vicious Fae spider whose venom turns people psychotic.

Okay… So we are going to have “nutty” Kenzi after we just got through with “dying” Kenzi… I’m not hopeful. And, moreover, this is the Halloween episode? Seriously?



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    • avatar
    • James on October 29, 2010 at 9:59 am

    A few observations (yes, they are re-run from the Realm . . . sorry):

    1. You seem to have laid out more character development here than in any of the other episodes. I was impressed (even if the ick factor was high).

    2. Somehow shows often go through cycles, depending on ideas the writers have had, and producers don’t think to shuffle the scripts.

    3. Who said anything about psychotic Kenzi, anyway? Might be a psychotic succubus . . .

    4. Most TV networks, by the time we get to the evening of any holiday, have moved on to other business (since they have been running their holiday-themed episodes for weeks).

    • avatar
    • TeraS on October 29, 2010 at 3:31 pm

    All true points my heart, but, as this is the big thing, development without direction is a mistake… A rather large one…


    • avatar
    • Gryphon on October 29, 2010 at 10:32 pm

    So Sad… while it seems that our silly succubus may have some redeeming
    character features, the rest of this seems to be going down the drain fast…
    every episode adding characters and situations that expand the dissonance
    and confusion (or just lack of any common sense) plus when T.V. writers have
    to go for ‘gross-out’stuff, you know they’ve gotten Lazy and/or written themselves
    into corners they’re not smart enough to get out of…
    Poor Mistress Tera, having to Suffer this Indignity of the Abuse of a subject
    close to Her Heart…..


    • avatar
    • TeraS on October 31, 2010 at 6:16 pm


    The one good thing is that there is but one appearance of a vampire in the series thankfully in episode 8. Which is actually the frist episode shot for Showcase to sell it…


  1. Unfortunately I have to admit that I’m about one episode away from giving up on Lost Girl. I want to like it so very much and it has yet to live up to my most modest expectations. Suckage. 🙁

    • avatar
    • TeraS on November 1, 2010 at 9:40 am

    Bo needs horns and a tail and prolly a lot more…

    What’s bad is that I didn’t watch it, episode 7, on Halloween but DVRed it….

    And yes, I am on the fence about it too Sis, but nonetheless I will watch it to the end of the season for no other reason than the possibility that season 2, like ST:TNG, will be better…


    • avatar
    • Gryphon on November 1, 2010 at 3:54 pm

    It may be that the ‘writers’ Never had a clear intention of doing a story about
    a Succubus exactly, just that She was the main character in some ‘occult/horror/
    mystery/vampire/whatever show… and that persons who Know more about
    the subject matter (How could the Queen of the Succubi NOT be an expert?)
    are looking for a storyline and characters that may not be ‘there’.
    I just want to bang my head against the wall when I think of how anyone (well,
    probably not I) who has any Interest and Imagination about the Character could
    have done a better job of it… The Actress playing Bo certainly has the Looks and
    Sensuality to get the Character across, but even on T.V. the ‘effects’ work to give
    Her the Tail, Horns, (and even Wings!) is not any big effort, as plenty of stuff
    where Characters are shape-shifters has been done… Oh, Well.

  2. One of the biggest problems with the show is the conceit of setting up “Bo’s Detective Services.” While yes, it answers the question of how they can manage to survive, it also locks the show into what I call a “reset” show. Every episode becomes about them helping some random person who needs help and at the end everything is set back to zero for next week’s episode. I don’t think modern televsion can really function on this model anymore and considering how many people burn through entire seasons on DVD, it’s simply no longer interesting without a solid throughline.

    I also think there’s a serious lack of commitment from the creators. They want a supernatural story, but it seems like they’re afraid to live there. A show like True Blood isn’t afraid to throw it’s characters into incredibly undesirable situations, but ones indicitive of the creatures they are. Lost Girl wants to have it’s cake and not get blood all over it so it can eat it too. The real reason Bo doesn’t have horns or a tail is because she’s been castrated as only a succubi can.

    • avatar
    • Gryphon on November 2, 2010 at 6:39 pm

    ‘OUCH!’ castrated as… Too Horrible to think about… You hit it right with
    “They want a supernatural Story, but it seems like they’re afraid to live
    there”… Very Observant that it is a show with ‘revolving plotlines’ as in
    only the Names get changed week to week…. Well, $#@!, it is just
    I still think the Perfect ‘Cover’ for a Silly Succubus (or even a sensible
    one) is to work as a Dancer… and given some of the ones who work at
    the bar I go to, I’m not so sure this isn’t going on….

    • avatar
    • TeraS on November 2, 2010 at 7:24 pm

    All of these are quite valid points SisAshley and Gryphon, but here’s the thing… If they don’t see some support of the series, then it is unlikely that we would see another season. While I realize that might not be a good thing if they continue in the way they are going, it does, I think. hold the smallest amount of promise for the show…

    And cutting off a tail?



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