Oct 26 2010

Temptations 83

When you know that it matters… It simply does. A Succubi Queen knows that… always…


Temptations 83

By TeraS and JHB

She allowed a mischievous little smile to escape her rose red lips as she replied, “Quite correct my dear… Quite correct…”

Her head tilted to the left allowing a few locks of her raven hair to cover her right eye as she continued. “But then… Depending on your beliefs and your ability to tell the truth from the lies that is of course, would you believe the word of a being that is known for not quite telling the truth? Or would you accept that they tell the truth in their own way to others… Assuming that they care to listen to the words and their meanings of course…”

Her smile was still mischievous, but was truly warm as she posed a question to him, “Dare you listen and learn? Or will you assume and not?”

He had to confess–to himself, at least–that part of him wanted to just keep listening to her voice.  But a lifetime of studying, of spending time in libraries like . . . well, he’d never been in a library quite like this . . . had taught him that the more he assumed, the less he actually learned and grew.  And learning and growing was his dearest passion.  He saw her mischievous smile, and wondered where this conversation might lead; as with any journey, the only way to find out was to begin.

“I’d like to think that I can usually tell the truth from lies, and one great truth is that blanket accusations of lying, as in saying that certain beings regularly tell falsehoods, are usually a matter of very biased opinion.  In other words, it could well be a being’s enemies, or those who are envious, who spread such stories.

“As for me, I know that assumptions are part of a closed mind, and closed minds can never learn.  I am thirsty for learning, and so I want to listen, and try to find the deepest meanings of the words.  Will you teach me?”

She shrugged a bit at his question, “That’s not for me to decide is it? Like anything else in the universes… It’s your free choice that makes things possible…”

She crossed her right arm over her chest and rested her left elbow in her right hand before putting her left hand against her cheek. Then she said with her head tilted to the left just slightly, “Truth or not. All those that are demonic are evil and all that are angelic are good. That’s a good place to start…”


Starting is beginning and we all begin somewhere do we not?



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    And, if I recall correctly, I am about to begin by rejecting your premise . . .

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    Ah, but we both learn then do we not my heart?


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