Oct 24 2010

Silver Succubi Horns Mask…

A while ago on the Tale I talked about a mask that I thought would be quite right for a Succubus…

I found another one this week, which I think has some possibilities too… And it is a lot easier to wear to be honest…

Now this is made in Italy and sold in the United States by a company called Masks International. I found it on Amazon.com here if you are interested for $17 USD… It’s listed for a regular price of $45 USD as well…

It is described as being made of red satin with a black fabric backing, the horns themselves are made of silver toned plastic and, apparently, they are hand made masks as well.

I like this for two reasons, one is that you don’t see a lot of silver horns available for costumes, it’s really a shame to be honest as I have a few slinky silver dresses that this mask would go with really well I think…

The other reason is that the horns aren’t ridiculously large, like a lot of the ones you receive with some costumes, and this mask and horns aren’t tacky to be honest, another problem some costumes have as well I think…

Seeing that, so far anyway, I have yet to find my costume for this year’s party, I think I am going to order this mask and see what satiny silver dresses I have that will work with it…

After all…

A sexy silver tailed Succubi needs her silver horns too…



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    Well, I think those are very nice. A glamour evening should be fun for you. But only seven days left, Majesty! Time to make a choice. 😛

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    Well, it’s a girl’s right to change her mind isn’t it?



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    Anytime and always . . . and the Queen has a right to change it a few times . . . 😉

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    *just smiles*


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