Oct 22 2010

How long are Succubus Quickies on Lost Girl?

Seriously… I mean, this week’s episode makes me wonder…

Episode five of the Lost Girl TV series was this week. I do wonder about Bo and her sexual needs at times… And my thoughts about what Bo is become a bit deeper…

As usual, I will be posting thoughts every Friday of the week after an episode of Lost Girl is shown. I will be adding the individual episodes to the SuccuWiki somewhat sooner than that, but won’t be adding my commentary to the articles….

Bo’s life continues on, and she tries to be…

Dead Lucky

The episode begins with Bo and Dyson in Dyson’s office having a somewhat violent sex scene. This goes on for a short time and then the two of them come to discuss some ground rules between the two of them in their relationship. The rules come down to the points that Bo can take any job she wants in her Detective Agency, but Dyson will be kept informed to what she is doing. A well, Dyson makes the point that each of them can see other people outside of their relationship. She leaves the office and is promptly surrounded by several men. She attacks one of them, but soon surrenders when the others pull out guns and toss her into a van.

The opening credits roll and then we return to the episode to see Kenzi in a restaurant talking to a woman named Ms. Sizemore (Maria Vacratsis), they are talking about someone that is trying to kill her named Ms. Snickerpants. The discussion goes on for sometime and reveals that, apparently, Ms. Snicherpants is a possessed kitten.

In the meantime, Bo has been taken to a Chinese food restaurant by her kidnappers and meets the head of a Fae organization, a Dark Fae named Mayer (Aron Tager). She discovers that he is what is called a Luck Fae who feeds on the luck of others, be they human or Fae. Using that power, he stops her from escaping and then they begin to discuss why he brought her to him.

He wants to hire Bo to investigate a problem he has. That problem is that a human, named Roger, managed to win a bet on a horse race that there was no possible way he could have won because Mayer had taken all of his luck. As a result, Roger won a significant amount of cash from him. This is a problem because that money was destined for the Dark Fae leadership.

Bo doesn’t want to take the job, but Mayer tempts her with an offer. He knows that she is trying to figure out her past and it seems that his niece, Cassie (Vanessa Matsui), is an Oracle. Bo is extremely skeptical when Cassie turns out to be somewhat of a Valley Girl in personality, but nonetheless goes into a backroom with her.

In the meantime, Kenzi’s attempt to get work for Bo fails and she is left in the restaurant with a bill she cannot pay, being not too thrilled about that.

There they touch hands and Cassie tells Bo of the moment when Bo discovered what she was. She replays the death of Bo’s first love to her and all of the moments surrounding it before snapping out of the trace and becoming the Valley Girl again. Bo is convinced, takes the job and leaves.

Returning to her apartment, Bo and Kenzi have a talk over what happened the night before, including a sly comment from Kenzi that Bo has a “great caboose.” Bo tells Kenzi what happened and then leaves for her bedroom asking Kenzi to call Dyson and do some other things which don’t go over well with Kenzi. Bo doesn’t seem to notice this however.

The next scene has Bo and Kenzi at Dyson’s office. Dyson uses the police computers to figure out who Roger is and gives that information to Bo. She leaves the room, but Kenzi stays a moment to tell Dyson off for his attitude and actions towards Bo, noting that she can see through his act if Bo can’t and that she is off “Team Dyson” and sticking a “I’m Stupid” post-it note on his jacket before leaving him behind. Bo and Kenzi then arrive at Roger’s home and discover two things. The first is that Roger is dead. The second is that he died before he placed the bet on the horserace.

We return to find Bo and Kenzi at the Fae Bar talking to Trick (Richard Howland). After a short discussion over drinks at the bar, Bo gets the information that they are dealing with something that is called a Hsien, or as the Fae call them, Body Jumpers. In short they possess and reanimate human corpses, which apparently is distasteful to most Fae. Meanwhile, Hale and Dyson are playing pool and talking about Bo. Dyson notes that he lost the phone number to a Nymph that was supposed to be amazing and that he doesn’t care. This makes Hale rather jealous it would seem. Dyson and Bo talk while Kenzi winds up at the pool tale with Hale. Dyson reveals that he knows of a Light Fae Hsien that works at a morgue named Eddie. They leave and Kenzi attempts to poolshark Hale. He uses his powers to make her lose and then attempts to tell her that she needs to be less of a sidekick. She tells him that all that matters to her is what Bo thinks and everyone’s opinion doesn’t matter to her.

The scene shifts to a morgue, in which there is a blonde woman dancing. Dyson tells Eddie to get back into his own body, he does so, and the now lifeless corpse falls to the floor with a thud. They talk about what Eddie has been doing, he says he has not been involved with Mayer, but tells of a Dark Fae Hsien named Lucas that recently came to town.

Bo returns to Mayer, tells him of what she has learned to his displeasure, and then is told to find out who hired the Hsien. Mayer figures that someone wants to take him down and needs to get to him before they destroy him. Mayer suggests that one possibility is a back room gambler named Jesper (David Keeley). Bo agrees and she and Kenzi leave to figure out a way to get information out of them.

They decide that the best thing is to get into that back room gambling den. The pair of them will enter, Bo will get close to Jesper and use her powers on him to get the information they need while Kenzi watches her back. They go to the place, get in and Bo does meet Jesper. The problem is that he doesn’t completely fall under her control and attacks her. It turns out that Jesper is a Frost Giant and attempts to kill Bo with his powers. He fails however when Kenzi breaks in, attacks him and, apparently, kills him.

They leave and go to the Fae Bar where Dyson and Hale are playing pool. Bo and Dyson wind up in a back room together and, over the next few minutes, the walls in the bar shake, and things fall off the walls. Hale and Kenzi sit on the pool table trying to ignore the screams of pleasure from Bo, which doesn’t exactly work. Trick appears in a panic worried that his troll got loose, and seemed more upset when he realized that the sounds where Bo and Dyson’s lovemaking. Afterwards, when Bo is healed from the attack, the group tries to figure out what to do next, but gets a phone call from Eddit who seems to be in a panic back at the morgue.

Bo and Dyson go to see Eddie, while Kenzi goes to the restaurant, sees Mayer’s nephew arrive in a car, and has a look in the trunk. She is then attacked from behind and the scene shifts to Bo and Dyson at the morgue. Bo and Dyson go there and discover that Eddie is dead, now possessed by Lucas. There is a fight scene in the morgue in which there are several body jumps and Bo is nearly killed, but Dyson manages to come to her rescue stopping the attack. They manage to get Lucas to reveal who is behind everything.

The resolution of the mystery comes back at the restaurant where Bo reveals that Mayer’s nephew was behind the entire event. Mayer is naturally upset and promises to his nephew that he will do something about it, but not exactly what that might be. Dyson takes Lucas to his body, which is in the trunk of the nephew’s car, along with Kenzi being tied up there. Dyson releases her. Kenzi tells him that she can see how much it hurts him not to be with Bo when they are together, to which Dyson doesn’t comment. He agrees not to tell Bo about this, and tries to get Kenzi back on Team Dyson with the promise that “we are getting T-shirts!”

Bo sees Mayer again and gets an IOU from him for the future should she ever need it. Bo then goes to see Cassie again to find out about her parents, while Kenzi and Mayer talk about luck and a bit more. He notes that Kenzi tastes like a survivor and offers her a job. She replies that she has one already. Meanwhile, Cassie touches Bo again and instead of revealing Bo, her past and her parents, reveals the future to her.

She tells that Bo’s mother was betrayed by the one she loved the most, was imprisoned for years. She escaped and has been searching for her daughter. There will be a battle, death will come for who she does not say. We see images of Bo with a long knife attacking someone and then the vision ends. Cassie winds up with a nose bleed and is scared out of her mind. She tells Bo that she is a major player and the Fates have something in store for her. She tells Bo not to tell anyone of what happened and then leaves.

The episode ends with Bo telling Kenzi that she now knows that her mother is alive wherever she is, and then an split-second image of Bo, her face bloody and swinging that long knife in anger towards the viewer.

Fade to black…

There were a few moments in the episode that I did like. I think that the interaction between Kenzi and the other main characters is growing, and that makes up for a lot of the sillier things that happen on the show. I liked the scene especially where Hale and Kenzi were trying to ignore what Bo and Dyson were doing, a classic over the top moment that was handled exactly right. I thought that the wig that Kenzi was wearing, the black one with the braids, really worked well for her and I’d honestly like to see her with that style for the majority of the show.

I also thought that the looks given between Dyson and Trick as well were very telling and I think do open up some interesting story-lines for the future I hope. Dyson is developing further into his character, but I find myself on occasion shaking my head a bit at the tension between him and Bo, which, to be honest, is getting a bit over the top. Sexual tension is fine, but why is it that we have started the last two episodes with a sex scene between these two? I get the point that they are a couple, whether they are or not completely isn’t that important. I also have a problem with any relationship development between them. Get over the blocks and make the relationship develop while we have time please?

I didn’t like the main story in this episode much. Not the actual story mind you, but the characters in it. It seemed so stereotypical in so many places. I don’t see why we had to go in the places that it went to, nor why some of them were so over the top. Cassie’s Valley Girl personality most of all drove me batty. Honestly I would have been more interested to see a more mature character in a young body which, to me, would make sense for an Oracle. I didn’t like the mafia stereotype either, Mayer was too over the top and, to be honest, the entire underworld aspect of the group was just so wrong. It could have been a bit more serious, with a look into how the Dark Fae really are, not all of the beating around the bush that seemed to be prominent in this episode.

The one thing that I did appreciate was the fleeting glimpses of Bo’s past. That answered a lot of questions about what exactly happened between her and her first love. Moreso, the snapshot of Bo’s mother were revealing, but not too much so. We really didn’t get a clear look at her, but that moment did place the groundwork for what will be, I assume, the season finale.

Bo verses her mother. Possibly for the fate of the Fae? For who is the Succubus Queen?

The mind boggles over what it all means…

Overall, I didn’t like all of this episode, was hoping for more. It seemed too over the top and silly, which was a disappointment to me. We did see something of Bo’s past, but too short and honestly only left questions for the future. That;s okay, but now you have to fill in the gaps for the resolution that you have shown to us all don’t you?

My rating of Dead Lucky

Keeping my interest – 4.5 Pitchforks

Portrayal of a Succubus – 4.5 Pitchforks

Overall look and feel – 3 Pitchforks

Storyline – 3 Pitchforks

Main Characters – 3.5 Pitchforks

Mythos – 4 Pitchforks

Overall Rating – 3.75 Pitchforks out of 5

I thought that I would be rating this episode the highest one so far, but the Oracle, as far as I am concerned, ruined so much of the episode for me. I really don’t need to see Miss Valley Girl again. She’s served her purpose in the series and can just fade away into the background. Just leave her there and let’s get back to some stories and events that bring us more of Bo’s past in a better way than this. Seriously. I didn’t like Mayer, or his family at all. They were such an example of a stereotype that it made me cringe. As a result, this episode gets the second lowest rating so far in spite of all of the things that I did like in it.

This Sunday, Episode Six: While tagging after Lauren and Bo in the Fae world, Kenzi becomes deathly ill (and incredibly grossed-out) when she inadvertently eats some toxic human soup at the home of an Aswang.

I am going to be trying so very hard not to do too many needs salt jokes on this next review I promise.



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    So I gather the season ends when Bo and Dyson have shattered all the pottery in the city . . . 😉

    And I wonder about Bo’s and Kenzi’s relationship

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    I’d like the contract to supply all of the pottery… Would keep me in pitchforks forever!


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    They use the word “Aswang” (Ass-Wang) in the set up for the next episode and you are worried about “needs salt” jokes?


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    Silly Brother of mine…


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