Oct 21 2010

Succubi Image of the Week 148

One of my favorite artists on Hentai Foundry did a Succubus artwork some time ago, and, finally, I am going to share it here as the Succubi of the Week…

This work is called Succubus Pillars and is by the artist GoldfishValhalla…

One of the things that I really like about GoldfishValhalla’s work is the amazing amount of cute that he adds to his work. It’s not just the pose or the smile, but the way the entire work just seems so very cute…

I love her pose, so cute and just that side of sexy too… A lovely figure, and her horns are just right for her look as well.. The wings are interesting, but she is missing a tail, as always a bit disappointing to me…

I do like her green eyes, all Succubi should have those, her red skin tone and colour are really well done, but the thing that makes this work another one of my favourites are her long book and gloves… Just two perfect accessories for her to be wearing…

She’s a perfect image of a Succubus starting to ensnare someone in her web and draw them into her power… I have wondered what her name might be, the artist has never actually named her as far as I know in all of the works she appears in. And she is in some very X-rated images as well… All of which are deliciously Succubus in nature by far…

She usually is drawn mostly nude or almost so, but I would love to see her wearing something deliciously sexy as well… Mostly because sometimes you don;t have to show everything to have someone look sexy…

You can find this work where it was originally posted on Hentai Foundry here, and you can also find GoldfishValhalla’s artist page at Hentai Foundry here as well…

Please note that a good deal of his works are very R and X-rated in nature!



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    She is delightful . . . and, I agree, in something tight and short and black, more delightful, in a way.

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    WOW!!!! WAAAAYY SEXXXY!!!! I like ‘Cute’ when it’s clearly Naughty, and She
    sure is…. Boots ‘n Gloves in Sqeeeky Latex and nothing Else just screams
    “Naughty Girl” and this is one Silly Succubus I want to Flitter through my open
    Window Tonight…
    Check out the Artist’s Gallery, there is another Succubi that may be this
    Girl’s Naughty(er?) Twin Sister; She has A Tail, too.

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    Cute is important after all isn’t it?


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    He has done a lot of lovely works Gryphon… I’ve send a request for a commission, but the artist never answered it…


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