Oct 12 2010

Temptations 81

And so the end arrives for this part of the story… But not the end of all things for the Queen of the Succubi, her family, those she loves, and more…


Temptations 81

By TeraS, Alei, Bstyles, and Darkwalker’s Shadow

From the shadows in the vaulted ceiling above, the sound of great wings rises with a strong gust of wind. Sailing down from between the stacks is a great black metallic dragon, shifting form as it reaches the ground to the silver-templed, dark-haired man dressed in midnight blue and black.

As his transformation completes, he leans on the end of the stack near B, smiling broadly – “It took you two long enough.”

The air wavers behind B as Jake appears, a barely suppressed laugh in his voice – “Their chapter was written long ago, B… It’s about time they got down to finishing it.”

Looking off in the direction of the new entry, adding – “And the next chapter is going to be very…. informative, I’d say.”

Sometimes the most obvious things in the universe you can never see. Something that almost everyone else around you is aware of you just ignore…

But sometimes you see it before it’s far too late…

And you have the chance to make it be instead of just imagined…

When you find someone that believes in you. Trusts in you. Wants and needs to be with you.

You never let them go…

The fear is always there. You lie awake every so often and think to yourself, “Are they going to be there tomorrow? Am I?

And you can’t know the future to say.

So you take that moment and hold onto it with both hands as tightly as you can.

In a quiet corner of The Realm where few ever go there is a small stone marker laid. It is on top of a small hill that raises it above the surrounding terrain. It faces towards the lake, the sun every morning rising upon it and warming the stone. There are no words on it to be seen. There are none needed. The only thing carved into it is an image of Tera and Andrea in each other’s arms and around them images that fade in and out of the stone. Each one of them is someone that the two of them touched. Each one is a life made better for knowing them. Each one a heart and love shared for the better.

A reminder to all.

Love. In the end. Is everything…

Fade to white…

The end for the beginning but never the end…


Never will be…

And the story of Temptations continues next time anew…

With love and thanks always…


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    I am thankful it will never end, Majesty. Your love touches so many of us.

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