Oct 10 2010

Need Succubi Halloween Invites? I do.

So, Halloween is coming for those that haven’t noticed… And the Queen of the Succubi needs some invitations for the Halloween party she is holding this year… Now I could I suppose use something generic for it, or something perhaps a bit more than that, but when you find invitations that have a Succubus on the front of them…


How can you not use them?

Now I admit that the picture is a shade over the top for me… But… It does say just about everything doesn’t it? A rather demanding, evil looking Succubus beckoning you to approach her if you dare to do so…

One thing she is missing, again, is my particular thing… No tail. Slightly disappointed in that, but nonetheless a lovely piece of art…

This is available on Zazzle.com, and you can find it here if you are interested in it.

This art was created by Jay French, the style is very familiar to me, and is called Beckoning Flesh by the artist…

I ordered these about a week ago and they were delivered last Wednesday.. Of course, the people that are coming to the party this year have been called, but I will be sending out the invites in the morning as well just in case they forget…

Which I doubt they would… I mean, the Queen of the Succubi has invited you to her party… Would you disappoint her? Prolly not I would think…

I also think that I am going to commission someone to make the invites for next year’s Succubi Queen Halloween Party… I know which someone, it’s just a question of them accepting the request…



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    I think some commissioned invitesm featuring more Realm-specific artwork, are an excellent idea.

    But these are fun in their own way.

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    I would love one just for the honor.

  3. avatar

    To each their own my heart….

    But yes, I should make my own…


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    Someday my hero you will be there…


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