What’s the favourite Succubus position in Lost Girl?

Enquiring minds want to know…

Episode four of the Lost Girl tv series was this week. So many questions this week… Mostly around what is the favourite sexual position of our dear Succubus Lost Girl Bo in a three-way anyway?

As usual, I will be posting thoughts every Friday of the week after an episode of Lost Girl is shown. I will be adding the individual episodes to the SuccuWiki somewhat sooner than that, but won’t be adding my commentary to the articles….

As a note, there is no new episode this coming Sunday, Showcase is running a catchup with the series night for Thanksgiving…

The story continues…

Faetal Attraction

The episode begins with Bo and Kenzi running away from a house as Dyson pulls up in a car. Moments later there is an explosion, which destroys it, showering the three of them with what looks like blackened human skulls. Dyson asks what happened and the answer from Bo is that some people can’t handle rejection.

Then we suddenly shift to seeing Bo and Kenzi in their apartment. Bo is asleep and Kenzi is eating a popsicle. Kenzi then teases and pokes at Bo for a while. Using the popsicle several different ways, including into Bo’s ear, she gets Bo to admit that she’s suffering because Dyson rejected her. And it’s the first time that Bo has been rejected by anyone. Kenzi finally gets Bo up and we go to the opening credits.

We return to see Dyson in his office dealing with a criminal, and not too well as he manages to dislocate that person’s shoulder. It’s obvious that he is distracted by something, even Hale can see that, and storms out.

Next we find Kenzie and Bo in the middle of nowhere, Bo taking out her frustrations on a wrecked car by making it more wrecked than it was. While that helps Bo’s mood a little bit, they decide that the best thing is to go to the Fae bar and get good and drunk there together. They go there, find Trick and he starts to worry about a drunk Succubus being at the bar.

We jump back to Dyson again, he gets a tongue lashing from his boss about the injury to his prisoner, after that, Hale gets Dyson to admit that he is overwhelmed by having to work for the police, for the Far and keep an eye on Bo as well. The pair head out for a drink.

Back at the Far bar, Bo is getting slightly drunk, Kenzi a bit more than that, when the human doctor Lauren appears. She tells Bo that she wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of a drunken Succubus booty call. She leaves, tells Kenzi to watch Bo, and Kenzi comes to the opinion that the doctor has a thing for Bo.

Moments later, a man walks up and asks Bo to join him and his wife for a drink. We never find out exactly what kind of Fae Samir is, however, his wife, Olivia we quickly learn is a Harpy. Initially she refused, but after Dyson appears, Bo joins the couple and a short time later the three of them, Kenzi in tow, leave the bar.

Then we find the threesome in Bo’s bedroom and, for the first time, we get a fair idea that sex between a Succubus and other Faes can be rather interesting. Kenzi finds out as well, she’s on the floor below and is covered by plaster being knocked off the ceiling along with screams of passion, which go on for quite some time making Kenzi open a bottle and down it as quickly as possible.

The following morning, Bo’s bedroom is a mess, she has breakfast with Kenzi, but then has a visit form Olivia. Olivia admits that Bo took so much out of her that she couldn’t walk to her car well and then comes to the reason why she is there. She wants to hire Bo to kill a human named Jenny. Bo refuses the job, Olivia leaves saying she will do it herself, and in the wake of that, Bo and Kenzi decide that they have to protect Jenny.

We switch to Jenny at home and she is attacked by Olivia, Bo manages to defeat her at least temporarily. The pair of them run out leaving Olivia behind.

Back to Dyson, we find him at his office. Hale confronts him about not seeing the police psychiatrist, noting that not seeing them just confirms that he is off somehow.

Meanwhile, Bo and Kenzi get some information out of Jenny, and the Bo leaves to talk to Samir. At the same time, Dyson is finally in the psychiatrist’s office and gets into a sparring match with her. She tries to get behind his walls and he pokes holes in her world as well.

Bo arrives at the home of Olivia and Samir to find Olivia going insane, attacking Bo and running out of the house. Bo then discovers Samir in the living room with his head cut off. She then returns to Kenzi and Jenny, telling them that Samir is dead. In order to calm Jenny, she uses her Succubus powers for a short time, trying to help her. She does calm down and seems to be better. Dyson and Hale arrive at the murder scene, Dyson realizes that Bo was there, and they begin to piece together what happened.

The detectives mention the fact that Harpies have Sisters and go there in hopes of finding Olivia. They do find her there and Hale, for the first time, is confirmed to be a Siren. He uses his powers to control Olivia, get her out of the house and into their police car, leaving Olivia’s sisters behind.

At the apartment, Bo finds that Jenny seems to be infatuated with her, freaking Bo out slightly. A call from Dyson summons Bo to Lauren’s office to find Olivia strapped to a table, thrashing out wildly. By the time this scene ends, The Ash has warned Bo that she is being watched, Dyson grills her for information, and, in the end, Olivia dies out of grief from losing her husband, but, before she dies, she claims that she did not kill him.

Kenzi remains in the apartment with Jenny, trying to learn something more from her and becoming more certain that Jenny is hiding something. Eventually, she gains access to a bag that Jenny took from her home, opens it, and finds severed heads in it. Before she can do anything, Jenny knocks her out and is shown to be totally mad.

Bo returns to the apartment, finds Kenzi and Jenny gone, a note from Jenny and the severed head of Samir in her room while taking to Dyson on her phone. The pair of them put the pieces together finally that Jenny is the killer. Bo rushes off to try and save Kenzi from a similar fate.

Kenzi awakes to Jenny ranting and acting very crazy. Jenny explained that everyone she has loved eventually leaves her. And then she opens a cabinet to reveal a series of skulls within it. The victims that she has killed over the years. Bo arrives and tries to control Jenny by making her believe that she is in love with her, but to Bo’s shock, Jenny reveals that she has made explosives and is going to use it to make the two of them be together forever.

Then, before Bo can stop that, Olivia’s sisters arrive and attack both Bo and Jenny. The fight continues for some time, eventually Kenzi gets loose and helps Bo to defeat the two sisters. Jenny, injured in the fighting, crawls towards the detonator  as Bo and Kenzi attempt to escape.

We then return to the scene at the beginning of the episode, explosions, skulls flying through the air and all.

The episode then concludes with Bo and Kenzie back at the Fae bar, talking about their relationship. Dyson arrives to tell Bo that he covered for her with the Fae and that the Jenny case scored him points with the police. Trick confronts Kenzi about a missing 300 year bottle of mead, which gets her in trouble with him.

Bo and Dyson talk about their relationship, which they come to define as being “friends with benefits.” Their talk ends with Bo asking Dyson if he wants to get friendly at her place or his.

The episode ends with Dyson back in the psychiatrist’s office and he admitting that there is this woman in his life…

Fade to black…

The highlights of this episode to me were the sex scene at the beginning first. Honestly how can you not laugh at a Succubus suggesting the need for a safe word and then having sex wild enough to shake plaster from the ceiling? The expression on Kenzi’s face was priceless as well and just was the icing on the cake for that moment in the episode.

Bo actually wasn’t in leather for a time this episode. She looked so much better in that black dress. All she needs is to lose the ponytail that keeps popping up and have a nicer hair style…

I can recommend putting curls into her hair. Seriously. It would just be right with her looks…

Kenzi’s wake up call at the beginning of the episode showed just not that she is a friend of Bo’s but really so much more than that. I really think that relationship will come to be a critical point in Bo’s development. She has already been her consciousness on several occasions where Bo lost control. I have the oddest feeling that should Bo be, as I think she is, a Succubus Queen, that Kenzi will make the decision to do good or evil for her, or rather, guide her to it.

Dyson’s conflict within himself was done extremely well. The hurt in his eyes over what Bo did in the Fae bar, the moments when he seemed to be on the edge of losing control, and then, at the end, having Bo with him again just put all of the pieces together so nicely…

The Harpies were interesting, they did show some of the mythical traits of these beings, but not many of them. I’m thankful that they weren’t portrayed  in their classical forms, it would never have looked good on screen I think. There is a question in my mind though. It’s quite possible that instead of being Harpies, they could have instead been Sirens, which would have made for an interesting moment between Olivia’s sisters and Hale, a male Siren…

I am disappointed that we never learned what kind of Fae Samir was. It wasn’t clear by any means in the episode, and there was no example of any kind of power being used by him as far as I could see. I think that is going to be the one thing in this episode that will forever bug me.

The car smashing scene I thought was a bit of a waste of time, and, in my thoughts, using up time on something that really didn’t add to the show, it’s myths, or anything else is a waste. There is only so much time we are given. Use it to move the story forwards and I think that will make the show better.

I didn’t like the flashforward, flashback of the opening of the episode. It was jarring and didn’t seem to be really giving a lot to the episode. I expected the scene to move into telling us what happened before, but not what seemed to be two or three days. Compared to the other three episodes, this seemed to be the one weakness in it. Let’s not do that again okay?

The Ash appeared again, we got just a little hint of some of the behind the scenes of what the leaders of the Fae are doing, but it’s not nearly enough. Getting a little tease that something is coming from them towards Bo is just that. A tease. He gave the scene some good tension, but Olivia’s thrashing around and clues were more important. I do look forwards to The Morrigan returning and confronting Bo in the next few episodes I hope. There needs to be more of the long term plot arc and less of the mystery of the week please.

We have so much to learn about the Fae and their world. Let’s see more of that. It can only make the show so much better….

Overall, I have to say that I liked this episode the most so far and it gives me a great deal of hope that the campiness is gone and the series can grow in ways we haven’t seen yet or expect.

My rating of Faetal Attraction

Keeping my interest – 4 Pitchforks

Portrayal of a Succubus – 4.5 Pitchforks

Overall look and feel – 4 Pitchforks

Storyline – 4 Pitchforks

Main Characters – 4 Pitchforks

Mythos – 4 Pitchforks

Overall Rating – 4.1 Pitchforks out of 5

I’m really quite pleased that the series is improving in so many ways as it progresses. Bo is becoming a better character, Kenzi just lights up the room when she is there, Dyson is still a bit too moody, but that I hope will change with time. The mysteries still remain and we need a bit more on the Fae culture to make me happy. Still want to see Bo with horns and a tail by the end of the series though…

In Two Weeks, Episode Five: Bo is coerced into solving how a human scammed Mayer, a Dark Fae bookie.

Let’s see… Off the top of my head I see leprechauns appearing… I really hope that one of them is not named Lucky or likes cereal… As much as I like the humour of the series, that would be just a little bit too far for me…



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    • James on October 8, 2010 at 11:12 am

    As I watch Her Majesty become a grudging fan, I think I may need to dump my throwing-grade popcorm futures . . . 😉

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    • TeraS on October 8, 2010 at 8:14 pm

    It’s the humour my heart… I still want a lot of other things to happen to the series still…



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