Succubi Image of the Week 146

It’s been a while since I had a Succubi of the week drawing that was penwork and not coloured… So for this week I have found one… But there is a few things missing in it for it to be a Succubus in my eyes…

This work is entitled Succubus and is the work of an artist calling themselves Knownentity. I found it originally on the Hentai Foundry website at this page. And you can find other works by Knownentity on their artist’s page at Hentai Foundry here. According to the artist’s comments, the work was completed for a magazine called Raw Media Quarterly and shown in one of their issues.

It’s a rather fascinating depiction of a Succubus in the moments after she has claimed her prey… Lovely detail work in the image, and it is quite a powerful statement indeed… The Succubus has an expression that falls somewhere between the ecstasy of the moment and search for her next victim, which is an interesting combination.

But there are a couple of things missing I think…

There is of course no tail or horns on the Succubus in this work, which makes me wonder if she really is one or if this might be sort of a tribute work. Mostly because looking at the Succubus she reminds me quite a lot of the comic book character Lady Death in a lot of ways.

Regardless of that, it is a wonderful work of art, but I wish that she did have horns and a tail to make it complete for me…


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