Oct 05 2010

Temptations 80

Truths matter… Especially to a Succubi Queen… She knows one critical one now…


Temptations 80

By TeraS, Alei, and Bstyles

Tera took Andrea’s cheeks in her hands and drew her close until their foreheads touched together. Her green eyes looked into Andrea’s as she said with angst in her voice, “Don’t you see Andrea… You have it already… You have been from the moment you took part of me within you… You said that you don’t want to let go… I told you that it would never happen… That all of me is yours… That every moment that you wish for is yours and yours alone…”

Tera closed her eyes and sighed a little before saying, “You remember what you… What we wanted? The one thing that I cannot have? If there is nothing else that we have Andrea, the love we share and the love we give makes it all worthwhile…”

Her tail moved to loosely wrap around Andrea’s waist as she asked, “You’ve never asked me if anyone else has a part of my soul Andrea… You are the only one that does… You are the only one that means so much to me that I gave you a part of what I am…”

She smiled a little, “You feel me when I am happy or sad… Lost or sure… All of what I am you know moment by moment… For me… For me it’s even more powerful Andrea… I know you are here with me… I know that you see all that I have and am and think that you are a small insignificant part of my life…”

Tera brushed her lips against Andrea’s as she murmured, “Life without you wouldn’t be worth living my Love….”

She felt B’s touch on her shoulder and asked Andrea, “If the light can give us this gift Andrea… Shouldn’t we use it for all that it is… Forever? If all of those that care about the two of us can allow us this joy… can’t we and share it? Together?

I hear her words … feel her touch and the world around me melts … melts until there is nothing be me … and her … and what we share.  I hold her close within me, my arms melding around her form and her tail holds me so close … and then the tears fall.

Tears of years … or never believing … tears of shattered hopes … and then … Tera … .

I bury my head against her, the grief, the love and joy flowing through me and into her light a river, my heart beating so hard … the sobs of my joy echoing in my ears as I think of an eternity … a single moment with her.

“oh tera … ” I whisper … “anything to be loved by you … anything.  life without you isn’t worth living either … i was just trying … trying to be brave … let you … let you do what … what you had … had to do … but god tera … i can’t bear another moment without you … please … please tell me how … just tell me how.

Her lips brush mine and I meet them with all the love and passion in my soul, feeling it flow and ebb between us … feeling our love rise and intertwine … feel it fly … our bodies can not possibly be close enough … our hearts … not merged as one.  And yet I know they are in ways that defy description.  They are.

“i am yours tera … lets begin our life together … now … let eternity begin today if it can.  i’ve never wanted anything more.”

B steps back then, letting the two women have their moment together.

Elsewhere, he sensed another soul drawn to this place, in spite of the locks and seals placed upon it.

He smiled to himself.

“The story is still being written…it never stopped.”


Not quite the end of this story….

More next time…



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    *Huggles for all three writers*

    You all dealt with this so wonderfully, perhaps because of how it reflects your own souls.

  2. avatar

    Just being oneself makes it more real my heart…


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