A short Succubi flash from the Queen…

I have been getting back into writing Succubi stories again, and I managed a short little flash of a story this week…

So, here it is, such as it is, whether or not it appears or becomes a story we will have to see won’t we?


The Queen’s Pets

By TeraS

The Queen’s Pets

By TeraS

The doors opened to reveal the Queen’s throne room. She was there, at the far end of the room, her piercing green eyes drawing him from so far away. As he moved toward her in a daze of passion inflamed by her powers, her voice purred in his thoughts …

“Step forward, little one … Come closer to your destiny … Remove all trappings of your past and embrace your future like all those around you …”

Vaguely, as in a dream, he moved forward, passing row after row of her pets awaiting her command. To the left, her female pets: hair drawn in ponytails; red collars around their throats; long red gloves of latex adorning their arms; bare slick pussies on display for all to see, dripping with the bliss her powers kept them awash in. Their breath was short and aching, tongues slipping over their lips, wishing for the taste of their Mistress upon them once more; nothing but the need to obey and serve her within their thoughts. Every now and again, a moan of pleasure escaped one of them as they dropped to their knees in submission again, begging in mewls and whines for her permission to cum and cum again…

To the right, her male pets: muscular, skin oiled and shiny, their red collars as tight around their necks as the females were, as tight as the invisible hands that held each cock hard and erect in her presence. A growl of pleasure escaped from the lucky ones that, in their altered minds, saw themselves being stroked by her fingers, brought to ecstasy, and then whimpering in their submission to her will…

He walked on, slipping off the trappings of civilization, removing those things that marked him as a being of thought, and slowing turning into another of her pets.

By the time he got halfway, his eyes were black, his body changed to match that of her male pets, the new muscles and skin helping to force who he was from what he was becoming.

When he knelt at her feet, there was nothing save a blank slate to be filled with her rules, her dominance, her and her alone.  A flick of her hand and the sealing of the red collar around his throat made him stroke his cock to show her that he was her pet and toy forevermore …

She gave a slight nod and then the words that would ever be in his thoughts … “Such a good pet …”

And finally, he came with a scream of pleasure, another in the endless rows of the Queen’s pets…


Perhaps it does need to be a story…. Thanks to James for editing some really bad mistakes that I overlooked….




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    • James on October 3, 2010 at 2:38 pm

    Perhaps it should, Majesty. There is some lovely imagery here, and you paint an vivid, fantastic scene.

    Watch for a note from me in a little while.

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    • TeraS on October 3, 2010 at 6:33 pm


    Thank you my heart… But it’s only a beginning and I need to finish more of what I do…


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