Succubi Image of the Week 145

This week’s Succubi is something a little bit different, but none the less she is an amazing looking Succubi…

Earlier this year in San Diego, there was a convention held, which involved a group called The Syndicate. They are involved in MMO games and design in many different ways. Now that part of the story I didn’t know about before. I was searching Zazzle as I do and discovered a piece of art that was described as being the Syndicate Succubus or the SyndCon 2010 Logo…

And she is so very much a Succubus…

I can’t express how much I would love to have a larger version to share, but to be honest, since it is a piece of art that you can buy on, the image I have here will have to do…

That doesn’t mean of course that I haven’t got an order in however…

Speaking of which, you can find this art on sale at Zazzle here.

There is so much to admire in this art of a Succubus… Lovely textures and colours in her hair, the flames that accent her form are also so very lovely as well… She has an interesting pose which shows off her form quite well, but I have to admit that, as usual, I don’t like that she has hooves… Her tail I can live with, but the hooves I just don’t know about…

But that’s my problem really…

I would love to know who the artist is, there is so very little information to be found, and the website of the Syndicate group doesn’t seem to have any information on it, so if someone does know, would you please leave a comment?

Thanks much!



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    • James on September 30, 2010 at 9:59 am

    She is lovely. I especially enjoy the fiery hair and whip. And is that a sorceror of some sort summoning–or better yet, attending–her?

    As for the hooves, I don’t see the point. She is a creature who seduces humans; what human is turned on by those?

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    • TeraS on October 1, 2010 at 7:26 pm

    Well there is such a thing as a ponygirl fetish you know…


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    • Gryphon on October 25, 2010 at 6:16 pm

    Yeah, I’m not so sure I see a Succubus as such a Demon-creature (even if I
    refer to certain ones that way) but since they are Shape-shifting beings, I guess that one Might look this way to try and tempt someone with an ‘anthro’ Fetish… As for Ponygirls, a friend of mine does Fetish/Fashion Photography, and in addition to several Trunks full of B&D Gear (restraints & ‘stuff’) He has recently been ‘gearing up’ to Dress models as Ponygirls, and the first thing is to find ones who can Stand and Walk in ‘Fetlock Boots’ that mimic the Horse’s lower legs… These put the Foot nearly Straight Down in the Boot (like ballet boots) The Lowest ones are 8″ tall, and the serious ones add a Foot or More to the Girls’ height. They have either actual Horseshoes on the bottom, or Split-Hooves, au’Natural.
    The rest of the Outfit is Harness, Bridle, Mouth-bit, Blinders, Feather Plumes
    and of course, a Tail…
    Not really my Fetish, but it is Impressive seeing a Girl who is 5-10 barefoot
    up on these things to 6-8 or more….

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    • TeraS on October 29, 2010 at 3:16 pm

    To be honest I admire girls that can actually walk in things like that…

    This succubi has come to the realization that it’s not all in the shoes…



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