Temptations 79

When you give of your heart to someone, totally and completely, isn’t that, doesn’t that, mean everything?


Temptations 79

By TeraS, Alei, and Bstyles

“Tera?”  I say taking her hand in mine.

“There is nothing … nothing that I want more than eternity with you.”

Softly I look into her eyes.  “I don’t understand what it is to be immortal … and I don’t understand what it is to be a Succubus, much less a Queen … and sometimes it scares me.  I love you so much Tera … I love you so deeply that my soul aches for you, that every moment I spend away from you is a moment I have to force myself away … just so … just so that … that I can let you do all of the things I don’t understand … but that you need to do anyway.”

I look down at our hands clasped together.  “I … I didn’t know happiness until you touched me … and I didn’t know joy until you showed me who you were … not just the being you show everyone else … but … this.”

“I … I’m scared Tera.  I’m scared that I won’t be enough … that … someday I’ll be replaced … or just one of so many others that I’m lost … misplaced.”

I look up at her, a tear slowly trickling down my cheek.  “I’m mortal … how can I be immortal?  Even if I could be … I could stand a mortal life with you not in it … because I know my pain would end if I were to lose you or I was left behind.  But eternity without you … .”

I turn my head aside, a sob threatening to escape me … my soul crying at the thought … imagining an eternity of life without her … hollow … empty … forever.

“I never want to lose you either Tera,” I say as the tears begin to flow down my face.  “Yes … yes … if it can be done … then show me how.  I choose to risk eternity without you, for the chance of eternity with you.  Even if I knew I would lose you … I’d still choose to try.”

“What do I need to do … ”

B gave Tera a small smile.  ” ‘The truth shall set you free’…I believe that is how the saying goes….”

On the surface he smiled….inside, his being was moved nearly to tears by the scene before his eyes.

So sincere…willing to break all of the rules of mortal kind for the sake of being with Tera…

So fearful of loss….willing to leave everything behind…

He felt a shudder pass through his body.  The tingle of a powerful connection between two souls, of the great sacrifices they were willing to make for each other, and he couldn’t stop himself from gasping out loud.  It was a rare occurrence for any of his kind to experience such a raw emotion…it was an ecstatic feeling..

Slowly, B moved closer to the pair.  Another small smile tugged at his lips as he was reminded of that first wonderful encounter at the Garden Party – what felt like so long ago…

Gently, he let one of his hands rest on each woman’s shoulder, his head bowed and eyes closed – almost in the manner of prayer – so as not to intrude upon their sharing, merely offering the moral support of a friend.


Next time. this story comes to it’s end, but also a beginning…



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    • James on September 28, 2010 at 5:04 pm

    Such a lovely and moving scene. I shall miss this part of the story.

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    • TeraS on October 1, 2010 at 7:26 pm

    Miss, but remember always my heart…


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