Sep 26 2010

A Sexy Succubus Devil T-Shirt…

Found another interesting T-shirt offered on Zazzle again… But I have a question for the person that designed it… Why is the back on the front?

I’ll explain that a bit further… The image on the left is the front of the shirt, and the image on the right is the back of the shirt…

It would seem to me at least that the better of the two works is the image to the right here as she looks so much better than the image on the left…

Now I know that is probably my personal preference in this, but, really, I would rather have the image on the right mostly because she looks cuter and sexier than the image on the left…

Not to mention the fact that the art seems to have a lot more in it…

Regardless of that, you can find this T-shirt available on Zazzle here.

I am going to try and see if I can get one made with only the right image on it…

I just like that a whole lot better…



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    As long as your at it, Majesty, you should see if you can get her with green eyes. :mrgreen:


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    It would be a good idea wouldn’t it?


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