Sep 24 2010

Lost Girl my dear Succubus, meet Will…

The second episode of the Lost Girl television series came out this past Sunday, I have some thoughts about Bo, our Succubus again, the episode itself, and my wishes for it moving forward again…

Again, I will be posting thoughts every Friday of the week after an episode of Lost Girl is shown. I will be adding the individual episodes to the SuccuWiki somewhat sooner than that, but won’t be adding my commentary to the articles….

So, the story continues, and we are told that…

Where There’s a Will, There’s a Fae

The episode begins with Bo and Kenzi doing some shopping, oddly in a hardware store from the looks of things. They discuss things they need for their new home and in doing so, Bo reveals that she left home at eighteen. She notes that she is from a small town in the midwest, but no specific place is mentioned.

The next moment, Bo starts smiling as she sees a man nearby that is looking her over. Her urges to feed almost get the better of her, but Kenzi snaps her out of it. Possibly the silliest scene ender follows when Kenzi takes a pair of garden shears and makes snipping motions at the guy.

We then switch to the woods and a man running through them with blasts of green fire exploding here and there around him. He is yelling at something or someone, we don’t know who as yet and, in the end, the scene ends with him finding a chest filled with precious stones and other items.

Finally we get to see the opening theme and credits for the series for the first time. It is a mosaic of the main characters With Bo speaking over the images from the series as follows:

Life is hard when you don’t know who you are.

It’s harder when you don’t know what you are.

My love carries a death sentence.

I was lost for years.

Searching while hiding.

Only to find I belong to a world hidden from humans.

I won’t hide anymore.

I will live the life I choose.

After that, we return to the episode, we see where Bo and Kenzi are living now, and then we meet a Fae named Will, who is a Will-o’-the-wisp, A rather portly one at that. He makes an offer to Bo to provide her with information that he knows about her past in exchange for her finding the human that took his treasure away.

During this exchange, we learn a little tidbit of information on Bo, that she has a birthmark on her left foot just above the heel. We don’t see it mind you, but Bo confirms it, takes the job and begins her search. And she does so by taking a gun that Will had from the human that stole from him to Dyson at the police station.

At the station we get a short scene with Dyson and Hale, mostly about Hale talking about the night before when he had sex with a pair of Fae called Gemini. That appears to mean twins that are identical in every way. We also get a small admission on the part of Hale that he has used his powers to have his way with women in the past. They enter their office finding Bo there with some other detectives and when asked how she got in, Bo says that she told them that she was Dyson’s girlfriend. No one seemed to challenge that.

After a discussion over her lack of understanding about the Fae, Dyson’s concerns over her, and Bo’s admitting that she needs to feed soon, the pair leave the station and go to a bar. But not any ordinary one… It’s a Fae bar run by a Fae calling himself Trip. The bar is described as a place where Fae can be themselves, it is also neutral territory between the Light and Dark sides, and is the place where Fae coming to the city must check in and identify themselves.

We then have a scene between Trip and Bo in which he tries to get some information out of her. Her Fae parents are unknown, but we get the names of her human parents which are Sam and Mary Dennis. We also find out that those born of one Fae and one human do not have Fae powers, which is important later in the story. We also learn that the Light and Dark Fae have been on the edge of a war for over a thousand years, but what keeps them from going to war is that doing so would kill them and humanity as well. It’s also noted that the Fae prefer to remain a myth and will do what is necessary to keep that alive.

As an aside after Bo leaves, Trip tells Dyson that if Bo is who he thinks she is, that they will have no way to control her.

Leaving that bar with some information from Dyson, Bo and Kenzi find the trailer park home of the person they are seeking. He isn’t there, but they set off a trap, hurting Bo slightly, and attract the attention of a woman that lives nearby. Bo touches her, controls her, and then starts to feed from her.

Interestingly, this time when she feeds, we see some vapours passing between the two, and when Kenzi interferes and stops Bo, for a moment we see that Bo’s eyes turn a fluorescent green colour and become very shiny as well. The woman she was feeding on almost dies, but Bo gets back under control again.

Leaving that situation, Bo eventually finds the human that stole from Will and confronts him. We find out that in fact he is the son of Will, but Will does not know that. Then we have a scene that I still have some issues with, but that will come a bit later. The two of them are attacked by a Fae called a dullahan. For those that do not know what that is, think Headless Horseman story and you’ll have a good idea of what they look like. Bo manages to kill it, but the son flees the scene.

Bo and Kenzi then go back to the Fae bar, find Dyson and in a rather silly scene show him the body of the dead dullahan that they have in the trunk of their car. Dyson fills them in on what they are, in short they are the hired killers of the Fae. In the end, Dyson helps with that problem and when Bo admits she needs help, gives her information to find the human doctor from the first episode Lauren.

The scene with Lauren and Bo is heart wrenching, but in the end, Lauren gives her an injection that she explains was used on an Incubus in the past to help with their needs. Lauren also makes the suggestion that Bo join with the Light Fae. Bo doesn’t think a lot about that idea, but thanks Lauren for her help and then leaves.

The last part of the episode has Will and his son reunite, another dullahan appear, which Bo doesn’t defeat and is injured very badly in the fight. That being caused by the drug Lauren gave her which does not allow her to heal as she normally does. Kenzi kills this dullahan by dunking its head in a barrel that had a fire in it. Then Will finally gives Bo the information he has about her. He describes a Fae midwife running through the forest with a baby in her arms, that being Bo, and that the midwife was very frightened. Will says that the midwife told him that someone was trying to harm Bo as a child and that’s all the information he has about her and then vanishes with his son.

The final scene is Dyson and Bo in bed together, Bo feeding on him to repair the wounds she has suffered. We get to see the tattoos on Dyson, but no information about them is revealed.

Fade to black.

So that’s episode two. I have a lot of issues with this one, but the main one is the dullahan seemed so… well… fake when compared to the rest of the episode. I liked the amount of mythos in this episode, it answered some questions I had, and of course, made more questions. But the point that a Fae can only be created by a pair of Faes was interesting. Moreso, the admission from Lauren that she treated an Incubus opens another interesting door for the series to explore if they dare to later on.

The suggestion that Trip knows who Bo is, the fact that Bo was being threatened as a child, and that she was probably given to humans to raise gives me an idea of what Bo is. She might very well be a Succubus Queen assuming that the series continues in the same vein as a lot of the classical stories about missing heirs to powerful thrones end up. If she does become a Succubus Queen, please let her have something decent to wear by the end of this please?

I thought that the green eyes when Bo feeds is a good reflection on a lot of Succubus stories you can find. Green eyes seem to be a popular identification for Succubi… Well they are for me and mine at least…

I still have issues with the series so far in that it doesn’t seem to have the ability to decide if it is trying to be a comedy or a dramatic series or what. Some of the moments of comedy or jokes were alright, but they were drowned out by all of the ones that failed to deliver.

I still think that dearest Bo needs that wardrobe change. Or at least a nicer hairstyle… Just a few little things that would make her more physically Succubus like. There is so much potential in Anna Silk as Bo and I think they are missing out on that.

Kenzi needs to be a bit less frantic in the series. There are too many moments when she goes from being in control to being out of it. And the sidekick vibe of her isn’t working for me. I liked her more when she was in control of what she was doing and not just following along with Bo. Oh… And lose the blonde wig on her PLEASE! Why do they keep coming back to her wearing it over and over again? I’d like an explanation in the series or just get rid of it. It makes her look so so so bad…

Dyson is getting better, and I don’t mean just in that last scene either… He’s gone from one dimensional into what seems to be a tragically flawed character. One that shows emotion and more importantly, he shows that he ins’t simply muscle for the Far, but has a brain, desires and wants. That is a vast improvement on the last episode.

My rating of Where There’s a Will, There’s a Fae

Keeping my interest – 4 Pitchforks

Portrayal of a Succubus – 3 Pitchforks

Overall look and feel – 3 Pitchforks

Storyline – 3 Pitchforks

Main Characters – 3 Pitchforks

Mythos – 4 Pitchforks

Overall Rating – 3.3 Pitchforks out of 5

Slightly lower than the 3.8 I gave the premiere episode. Overall I didn’t like this one as much as the first episode, some good information and plot development for the future… Still the overwhelming silliness turned me off more than anything else. But I hope for better next time…

This coming Sunday, Episode Three: When a missing coed’s mother comes begging for help, Bo and Kenzi go undercover on the local college campus to find her.

Please don’t make this episode a cross between Buffy and Glee… Please don’t do that…


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