Sep 21 2010

Temptations 78

Sometimes there are words, and sometimes there are actions… But sometimes… Just sometimes… There is a lot more…


Temptations 78

By TeraS, Alei, and Bstyles

B was silent for a time, giving Andrea all of the moment as she wished to continue to express her heart to Tera.

She was much better, anyway, with personal failure being the topic of discussion now…

Which was odd….B considered himself an expert on the subject, for the wrong reasons.

He stood off to one side, arms crossed over his chest, trying to look supportive, but unable to hide the inward look he gave himself.

Andrea was special…she had had help in overcoming her own fear of herself, of her most major shortcomings.

Tera was not the only one who had ever failed before…but he couldn’t voice that….

She wasn’t the only one who carried each failure personally….but he couldn’t share that…

All he wanted to do at this moment was to step forward and hug them both, to share in their support a little for his own sake, but he couldn’t be that selfish.

…and he’d never spoil such a beautiful moment, either…

Tera bit her lips as she looked into Andrea’s eyes and said softly, “Life is what you make it… That’s supposed to be my line Andrea… It’s not just words spoken without meaning. It means something. To both of us.”

When Andrea opened the book and revealed the image within, Tera was quiet for a moment considering what should be said. But then she found that she didn’t have the words within her. Looking into Andrea’s eyes, Tera found that words weren’t needed. What had to be said… Had been.

She reached her free hand to brush the fingertips over Andrea’s face in wonder and longing. But then the question came to her and she came to ask the question that neither of them had truly answered until then.

Tera asked her softly, “You know that I am yours forever Andrea… I want you with me always… Need you there with me… But…”  Tera looked away for an instant before returning to her, “But without the chance for having forever… The fear within me is when you are…. Are not with me anymore… That there will be nothing more… And that one fear makes the joy within me and the fear beside me ache within…”

Her tail pointed loosely at B as she explained, “We three hold within us all of our faults and missteps and never ask for help from someone else to lighten our souls..”

She looked at B, “Confession is good for the soul isn’t it B?”

I look into her eyes … and I see it there … the fear … and the pain.  Things I have known for far too long.

I take her hand in mine and hold it between my own.  “I can not give what I don’t have to give Tera.  All I can give … is all and everything that I am … all that I will be and to give every precious moment that I have … to you.”

I look into her eyes … sadness and longing … and understanding at least in part living there within me.  “Mortals don’t have forever … it’s something we have to face, that someday, no matter how long it might be … our time together will end.  But in exchange … we have something else.  And that is that each moment is precious, like sands running through an hour glass, because we have only so many grains to begin with.”

“I know what I want Tera.  I want to choose to give all of those grains of my life to you.  But that’s … I guess … what you have to decide is if you want them … and if you do … how many of them do we want to waste worrying about things we can’t control.”

I step back slightly and look at her with all the love in my heart.  “Do you want that Tera … can you bear to have me … and let me go … and if not … do you need to let me go now instead of later.”

Tera couldn’t contain the tears as she cried out, “That’s just it! I don’t want to let you go!” She turned away from Andrea, her tail wrapping around her waist, a soft sob coming from her as her hands covered her eyes.

Then a deep breath before she pleaded, “You can have forever Andrea… It’s yours if you would only accept it. I… I need you to take that step and embrace it with me… Can’t you be happy with forever and not just for now? What is keeping us from taking that last step and just being happy together and the hell with the rest of the universe? Is that so much to ask for?”

She turned back and with wet eyes asked, “Do you want me to give up everything for you? Do you want me to lose all that I am? Would that make it easier for you? Is it that I have given you my heart but you can’t accept that there are others that are part of my life as well? Please tell me what I have to do to make this all work…”

She took the steps back to Andrea, hoping that she would allow her to touch her hand as she reached out for it, “Why can’t we have a happier ever after?”


It’s a good question isn’t it?

The Succubi Queen things so…



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    Sometimes, even for Succubi Queens, it isn’t as simple as that, and yet, in the wanting, I think they might have found it.

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    Probably so very true my heart…


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