Sep 14 2010

Temptations 77

Tera, The Queen of the Succubi, has learned something she really should have known all along…


Temptations 77

By TeraS, Alei, and Bstyles

“..Andrea…”  B’s voice was soft, as was the smile on his face.

Her words were so heartfelt…

For a brief moment B delved into her being, sensing her emotional state.  He was present that day at the Party, was there to witness the forging of the deep connections between her and Tera.

He almost gasped with astonishment…her thoughts were sincere.

She meant every word of it.

Her feelings were true.  And they very well had to be, for her to find her way back to this place.

He grinned a little, reaching out to give Andrea’s hand a gentle, reassuring squeeze.  His smiling eyes moved to look at Tera.

“…does this answer your question, Tera?  Touching another’s life so profoundly…making them be welcome in your world…”

“Even for just one, I would say you did very good.”  He smiled at her.

The tears just came then… She couldn’t stop them…

It wasn’t so much what Andrea had said or what B had told her…

It was just the way she was…

Making people welcome wasn’t half as important as trying to help someone find their way and become something more than what they were. There was no point in all of her efforts if in the end nothing changed for them…

Her tail wrapped itself around her waist as she spoke softly, “I can’t imagine my world without the two of you within it… I think about what was and then what is… And I am thankful that you both took the chance to try with me… But… But there are always the failures and that eats at me in the middle of the night… The memories are hard to overcome….”

She looked at B and a bit more at Andrea, “I think you both understand what I mean… I have… Mistakes… To atone for… Probably never will make up for them all….”

A small smile appeared on her lips again, “But I try…”

She took the moment when B held Andrea’s hand and placed hers upon them both, “Nothing in the universes is as important as knowing and loving those that are your family…All of the moments that hurt and heal…. Every single moment with them is a moment to be held and cherished for there may not be another to be found…”

She managed a truth to them both in a whisper, “I can’t lose you all for nothing…”

I reach up with one finger and gently wipe each tear away from her perfect face, marveling at it’s complexity, it’s perfection and if anything the more amazing being it hid beneath it.

“I know all about mistakes … you both know that.” I say in a soft voice.  “I know I can never put them all right again, I’m not even sure I can put even one … you both know that too.”

I take a book from one of the shelves and gently lay my hand on it.  “You will never lose me, for my heart goes with you wherever you go, however near, however far.  My body is yours at a touch, my life, yours for the asking.”

I pick the book up gently running my finger over it’s soft leather cover.  “This is a place of stories … a place where people can come to lose themselves, or find themselves.”

“This”, I say holding out the book to her, sliding it gently over her arm,” is an opportunity. Nothing more … nothing less.”

I step closer … pressing the volume between us, resting it so that our breasts almost, but not quite touch.  “Opportunities are what we choose them to be.  Like this,” I say looking down at the book.  “It can seperate us or … ” I say removing it, allowing our breasts to softly glide across each other.   “It can lead us to amazing things.”

I look at the opening page … one showing a tall blonde woman and an exquiste woman with raven black hair … entwined as if one … eyes locked as if the world beyond them did not exist.

“Opportunities are what you create … their worth … that lies in how we use them.”  I say in a soft voice.


B has always been the wise one really…



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    Seems like three wise ones right there, Majesty; it’s just that one of them needs a little bit of reassurance at the moment.

  2. avatar

    She usually does you know my heart…


  3. avatar

    Fortunately, most of your reassurance can come from her being shown the world as it really is and her place in it.

    Fortunately, her heart is happy to take that job on.

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