Lost Girl Premieres tonight…

And so the day, or rather, evening has arrived… Tonight at 9 PM, on the Showcase television channel the series Lost Girl premieres…

And so, I’m going to post my hopesfor the series here and see if any of them actually come true…

What do I want to see in the series that I do not expect that I will see:

-We will not see horns or a tail. If they do, I will be shocked to be honest because in all of the previews and so forth, there isn’t a hint of that.

-She will not be a “traditional” Succubus. This I expect as, according to the series information, she is part of the Fae.

-The Fae will not be traditional either. They can’t be considering that, again from what little information we have, they seem to not have Fae characteristics.

-They will overdo Bo’s need to “feed”. If they turn her into an addict, that would really be a disappointment as it would be so very formulaic I think.

What I expect the series to be like:

-I’m expecting Crisis of the Week. They have said that Bo will be having a “crisis of the week”. Considering the themes of the series, I think an overall arc would be so much better. And I am not just talking about the “Bo finds out about herself” theme. I mean something meatier that the viewer can get into more than, at the end of the season, saying, so that’s why she is what she is.

-It’s going to be dark. With the emphasis on Bo’s need to feed, the appearance of evil and so on in the trailers, I expect a series that is more dark than sexy. I don’t need a lot of sexy, but honestly, why is it that if there is anything supernatural is has to go dark?

Is there something to keep me interested in it?

-Don’t make me watch just to make a Wiki entry. That’s happened to me with The Gates series, and I find myself fast forwarding through 98% of that series all the time. Put a hook into the first episode and stay with it.

-Don’t try to force the story. you have a whole season to get the story you want to tell out there for all to see. You don’t have to push it all at us in the first episode and then try to keep us interested in it. Leaves some surprises in the series. Leave hints through it all. In short, write it and shoot it like Babylon 5. Leave hints that lead to a massive payoff at the end of it.


That’s my thoughts going into the series tonight…

I’ll post my thoughts most likely on Friday when I have mulled the premiere over and can think about it rationally]…

I hope.

Comes by on Friday, and every Friday while the series is running (September 2010 to December 2010) for my thoughts on that week’s episode…



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    • James on September 12, 2010 at 1:16 pm

    Her Majesty seems rather pessimistic about this. A pity that I will not be able to watch it with you . . . but I will drop off some popcorn for tossing at the television. :mrgreen:

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    • TeraS on September 12, 2010 at 1:50 pm

    Well it is better to be ready for disappointment than to hope too much I think…

    *fingers are still crossed*


  1. It was better than I thought it would be. It started painfully generic, but then evolved into something more akin to True Blood having the story be more about an unsuspecting succubus dragged into the secret underground world of the fae. I’ll continue to watch and hope for the best.

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    • TeraS on September 13, 2010 at 10:13 pm


    Well that’s my view on it, what to give it a chance, but they disappointed me when Bo didn’t have horns or a tail…

    But I live in hope…


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