Sep 11 2010

Succubus Penwork on YouTube

I’m really quite pleased by the number of artist that are popping up on YouTube sharing their works in progress… Moreover, I’m amazed at how many of them choose to draw Succubi…

This time I came across a penwork done by an artist calling themselves Hex2Go.

And in case the embedding is not working:


And here is an image of the work at the end of the video as well:

Now it is a bit blurry I know, but this is about the best I could manage as a screenshot of this work.

I think that, based on the sort of metallic touches her clothing gets in the video, that she might be something of a techno-succubus, for lack of a better description at least… She does have a pair of horns, but no tail, lil disappointed in that, but otherwise she is really quite cute and sexy for a Succubus.

I have the oddest feeling that her clothing, if it was coloured, would be in various shades of red and yellow, making it look almost flame-like which would match the fire like edges on her… well.. let’s call it armour shall we?

There isn’t a lot of information that I can find on Hex2Go, save that on their YouTube page they are based in South Korea. Although searching on Danbouro and Gelbouro does result in several other works appearing, but nothing that I can describe as being as Succubus like as this work is…

Hoping that someday this work will appear there finished and coloured as I would love to see it that way….


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