Sep 04 2010

A YouTube of the Samurai and the Succubus

I came across another making of art video on YouTube this week that has a Succubus as part of the overall image and so… This is called The Samurai and the Succubus and is the work of an artist called Kingaby.

And as always, in case the embedding doesn’t work:


There is quite a lot I like in this work, and here is a still of the final work as well…

One of the things that I find really interesting is the latex shimmer on the Succubus’ clothing, that’s something that I have heard a lot of artists commenting on, this one being one, that doing that shimmering effect is a  giant pain when making effects like that.

Her horns, tail and hair most of all I really like, there is a lot of textures in it that I find just fascinating to look at… Her wings are quite nicely done, though maybe a bit more detail in them to match the rest of the work would have been nice to see…

Her pose is really interesting as well, it shows off her form, body, clothing an curves really well, seeming as if she is controlling the Samurai by the light touch she has upon his arm. I wonder if, from the tension in the Samurai’s body, if the Succubus is stopping him from launching an attack on someone out of frame of the work…

It’s an interesting thought to me at least…

You can find the artist Kingaby at his DeviantArt site here. His art varies from drawings to photographs and everything in between and I think that if you visit there you will discover something that you will enjoy…


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