Aug 31 2010

Temptations 75

The story of Temptations continues and the Queen of the Succubi learns something she should have really known before…


Temptations 75

By TeraS, Alei, and Bstyles

“Some of us were meant to…”  He replied, sighing a little.

B gazed at her, wrestling with his thoughts a little.  She was so lost already in her mood.  He wanted to bless her with his power, to fold her up in his wings and comfort her like he had done for others before.

But he didn’t.  She needed a friend now more than a fix.

“It isn’t the only cliche I can think of to describe the situation…”  He smiled warmly.  “…and it’s not the only way I think of you, Tera.”

Slowly, B eased the book away from her.  He held it gently, running a hand over the cover.  “This book is much more than just a collection, now.  More than just a gateway into this place.”

He carefully set it aside on one of the shelves, propped up against the other books so its cover faced out into the aisle.  B showed no worry as he looked into Tera’s eyes, his brown ones full of sincerity as he stepped closer, gently touching a finger to her coiled tail.  “This defines you more than any mere collection of words ever could, Tera.  Even if someone was drawn here for the ‘wrong’ choice, you still welcomed them not only into your world, but into your heart.  So many in, and so many out again…it’s natural for it to hurt a little.”

B glanced at the book, then back at Tera once more.  “Then we may wait for the time to come again…or enjoy reflecting on the simple, single moment of time that it was.”  He gave her a grin.  “Either way, I’m not going to let you feel sorry that it happened.”

Tera watched B put the book back before answering him with, “Sorry? I’m not really sorry B… I’m… disappointed more than anything else in truth… I had hoped for one thing and got another… That happens more often than I like really…”

She managed another wane smile, “But that’s me…. I have something in mind and when it doesn’t work out it drives me nutty…”

Her tail swisched around behind her as she explained to him, “Making something of nothing is an art when you think about it… You start with a clean sheet and then… Try… Sometimes the words come and sometimes they fail…. You try to fit the pieces but then you are forced into putting a square peg in a round hole…”

She shrugged a bit, “Sometimes using a bigger hammer doesn’t make it fit you know?”

Tera considered all of the things that she and B had seen and been through over all of the eternities they had both seen. Then she asked him, “There is one question that eats at me B… It always does…. Did I do good? Can I say in this that I did that? I’m not sure I can…”


Good matters doesn’t it?

I think so.



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    I wasn’t around for all this the first time. But I read this, Your Majesty, and I think of how much I want to hug my friend and reassure her of the profound good she does every single day.

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    Alei knows much…


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