Aug 28 2010

Time for a Morrigan Aensland YouTube…

It’s been a little bit since I found a Morrigan Aensland YouTube that I liked. Some of them are really not that wonderful to watch regrettably… It’s actually kind of upsetting that such a powerful Succubus sometimes has poor images and tales of her made… However, this week I found one that had her as the Babe of the Week…

And as always, in case of non-embedding:


Just a really nice set of images of Morrigan, save for one which is rather obvious in the middle of the video as you can see when you watch it.




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    Yes, mamny, many cute Morrigan images. As for the poor images out there, it isn’t because she is powerful, but because she is famous and poorly organized. A good Word Court, actively punishing those who mis-describe and mis-represent her.

    Your Majesty is better protected.

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    *just snugs*


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    Morrigan seems to be the most popular Succubus out there in the net. I’m sure our Queen prefer the original Lilith. But I suspect she’s happy that, at least, it’s not our hoofed vixen from WOW. 😉

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    I do, but she has her moments as well…


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