Aug 26 2010

Succubi Image of the Week 140

This weeks’s Succubi is… well it’s… Did you ever hear the song Take This Job and Shove it? I think that this Succubus is telling someone exactly that…

I’ve had those sorts of days and I can relate to exactly what she’s thinking and feeling… But oh my… She is a lovely Succubus isn’t she?

This is the work of an artist who calls themselves SlavesDolls, and it’s called OL Succubus. I like this combination of a sexy office secretary and a Succubus. The skirt is exactly right, the shirt she is wearing is tight in the right places as well. She as a lovely red skin tone, the shading on her body really makes her pop from the page nicely I think too…

She does have a rather “up yours” expression that goes nicely with her hairstyle and glasses, which of course are horn rimmed ones… What else would a Succubus use?

All in all a funny, sexy moment that I think the artist did amazingly well…

You can find the original page on Hentai Foundry with this work here. As well, SlavesDolls’ page on Hentai Foundry can be found here, and their page on DeviantArt, under the name AngsTheWicked can be found here as well. There is also a website here that shows more of his work too!

Please do visit his sites and enjoy the lovely art he has created!



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    My only problem is this: would a succubus (besides Foosh in “Sinfest,” maybe) ever tell her boss to “take this job and shove it,” or would she do what comes naturally and take over the business?

    But it is a lovely, fun image.

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    she could be a sucutary?

  3. avatar

    That’s something to ponder my heart…


  4. avatar


    Thank you my hero for the giggle…


  5. avatar

    I’m pretty sure she got paid for the day anyway. 😉

  6. avatar

    Oh I expect so….


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