Temptations 74

After a one week break to make room for the 1,000th post on the Tale, we return to the story of Temptations and the Queen pondering the end in the library once more…

But others have other thoughts about that…


Temptations 74

By TeraS, Alei, and Bstyles

The doors were barred, and for anyone else it would have been effective enough to seal them away.

But not so, now.

He watched her in silence, as befit the scenery.  His presence masked so as not to startle her.

He watched her as she moved, forlorn, to each room of this place.  Each closure performed in quiet reverence, and even sadness that their potential might not be used again for some time.

He watched her struggle with that final tome.  The mischievous book that had led so many to this place, for so many reasons.

He couldn’t just stand and watch forever.

Slowly he stepped from his veil, his true appearance still masked for the time being.  Smiling gently, he knelt down before her.

“Now, I’ve never seen anyone before so saddened by having to tidy up….”

B looked up into Tera’s eyes as he slowly lifted the book off of the dusty floor.

Tera was about to leave the room and pass through the final doorway towards home and what awaited her there when she heard his voice. Despite her mood, the smallest of smiles appeared at her lips when B’s voice came to her. Then the weight came again and that smile faded away again.

Tera looked at B and then replied, “All things end you know. As much as we hope that we can keep them alive and strong… It doesn’t always work out that way.”

Her tail sort of corkscrewed around her body and once around her legs as if it was hugging her softly as she continued, “Just like reading a book B.. You start a chapter, read and see what happens, then it ends and you move to the next and the next until finally the book is finished and you put it away on a shelf…”

The irony in that statement wasn’t lost on Tera.

Looking at him gathering up the book she explained, “Temptations just are B. Are you willing to take them or turn them away? Are you weaker than them or stronger than them? Can you see the truth in them or not? Is it want is expected or something different?”

She waved a hand dismissively, “But then I’m not what I am expected to be. I appear and offer a choice and then… Then they decide on their fate. It almost always seems to be the wrong one in the end… Save for a few. Hopefully I will see them again soon when I can B…”

Taking the book from his hands Tera turned it over in her hands and asked, “Be careful what you give, for you will never see it the same again B…”

He smiled at her once more.  An amused smile this time.  “And who’s to say that that has to be the ending?  What’s to stop you from reading a chapter or two once again, or finding a favorite spot to bookmark forever…every look back is a chance to see something new, to reflect on something special…”

He considered her words for a moment.  She was not wholly wrong…not with all of it.

He clasped his hands over her own, gazing over the edge of the book at her.

“Isn’t it worth it, then, to take that chance?  To give of yourself so openly, for the sake of those few right choices?”

He smiled warmly at her.

“A change of perspective does not always have to be so horrible, Tera….”

A slight blush tinged his cheeks.

“After all, you helped to change mine…about many things…”

The smile that slipped from Tera was a little on the wane side as she said, “Some Angels go where others fear to tread.”

Her tail shifted and darted about in that way it did when she was trying to marshal her thoughts in a way that would be telling and then she managed, “It’s odd the clichés that come to mind in moments like this. One in particular. Risk is our business. That perhaps more than anything else defines me.”

She considered pulling her hand from his, but she found that she couldn’t. She didn’t really want to. B was first and foremost someone very special to her. Like Andrea… Like Allie… Like Vvrayven… Like Lisa… Like all of her adopted Sisters and Daughters, Brothers and Sons….

They all mattered to her. Always would.

She smiled a little, “Maybe… Maybe there is a way…. But not this way I think… It’s time has come and past B…”


Still sad, but then it was for a time…

More next week…



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    • James on August 24, 2010 at 11:33 am

    It’s hard to feel the sadness, but comforting to know the sadness won’t be the end.

    • avatar
    • TeraS on August 25, 2010 at 11:31 am


    I was in a bad place when this all happened… At least that isn’t true anymore…


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