Aug 22 2010

Another Succubus T-Shirt of Temptations…

Sometimes things come in threes… Oddly, this past month the three things are all T-Shirts that have something to do with Succubi on them…

This one, I think, says it all…

Well it does doesn’t it?

The ting that I find really interesting is that the font used here is the same one, I think, that I use for most of my Succubi manips, and as well, always for my tag on the manips that I finish…

Interesting how that works isn’t it?

This shirt was made by someone on Zazzle that wanted a shirt like this to wear for her husband. I like the way she thinks a bunch…

You can find this shirt on Zazzle.com here.

I wonder what the next T-shirt will look like… Hopefully something tasteful… Mebby I should take a try at making something myself…

Have to ponder that some…



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    I think it is the same font. Perhaps somebody is learning from you . . .

    I think it could be great fun for you to design a shirt, Majesty. I’d love to see what you came up with.

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    It would likely be something you could never wear in public prolly…


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    That’s okay, since I suspect it will look MUCH better on you. 😉

    And you would be AMAZED at what I am willing to wear in public . . . especially for a friend.

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