Artwork of a Succubus…

Back on July 30th, I shared a piece of art here on the Tale that was of Lilith. To my surprise, the same artist has placed another piece of art on which shows a lovely image of a Succubus at rest…

This art is a part of the Beyond Good & Evil series. It is the creation of an artist named S. Dracourge, and they are part of the Shadow Magi Group, who’s website can be found here.

This work is entitled simply as: Succubus III.

It shows a Succubus at rest in her domain offering a toast towards someone in her presence… whether or not that person is in her control at that moment is hard to say from their positioning in the work. At least that is the way I see this pose and actions in it as being at least…

She’s an interesting Succubus, but I don’t like her horns being curved downwards. Just seems wrong to me at least. However I do like her boots… Quite a nice contract between them and her white skin I think…

You can find this art at here.



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    • James on August 21, 2010 at 6:19 pm

    Okay, I was sure I left this comment yesterday . . .

    I agree with you about the horns, Majesty, as they appear to be at rest, as well. And I thought succubi preferred Diet Coke. But it is a very lovely image.

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    • TeraS on August 22, 2010 at 6:11 pm


    Can’t argue with any of that my heart….


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