Aug 18 2010

Succubus Succubus Rah Rah… Rah?

Yes I know that the title for this post is a bit on the silly side, but then I like that sort of thing a lot… So far in all of the costumes that I have found, I haven’t found a cheerleader outfit that was something a Succubi might wear…

Not sure I have this time either, but…

This outfit is found on that costume site that shall remain nameless, but it is trashy in a way, so you can use that as a clue if you really want to find it…

It’s called Devil’s Cheerleader and comes with everything you see in the image here, which is a surprise really considering how many other costumes require you to buy other things to make it work as they show them…

The top has a V-neck and a cropped length, while the short flare skirt features a hot flame pattern. The entire outfit is made of spandex lame but does not seem to be very stretchy as they sell three sizes of this costume.

The outfit, tail, horns and all lists for, and it does make me twitch a bit, $200 USD. It does that because some other costumes on that site, ones that look a lot better and honestly are more Succubi like that this are just slightly more expensive and yet you can do so much more with them.

This costume is a, if you will pardon the expression, one-trick pony. You appear as a cheerleader and that’s it. At least the other costumes can be accessorized to make them into other things. That I think is important when you are spending this kind of money on a costume…

The concept is good, it’s cute, and it does work sort of… They are missing the pom-poms of course and the Bobby-socks and matching running shoes, but that’s little things that can be added if you want to go all out on this costume…

I’m giving this two pitchforks out of five…

It’s okay, but it cannot be more than it is, which is a bit of a disappointment…



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    That isn’t worth $200 unless the tail is animatronic.

  2. avatar

    Well it definitely isn’t that… And yes, it’s far far too much by far…


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    I think it’s a good find. By the way, I though Succubi only wear shoes with stiletto heels.

  4. avatar

    I think they should…

    *ponders high heel running shoes*


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