Aug 12 2010

Succubi Image of the Week 138

It’s been a little while since Morrigan Aensland has appeared as the Succubi of the Week… That’s mostly because I have been looking for slightly different images of her… There are all sort of them with her alone in different poses, but what I wanted to find was something with her and the catgirl Felicia together in the image…

And this one I found this week is so deliciously lovely, that it has to be that one…

Now I know that it is a small image of the two of them together, it’s the best one I could find, but if someone would happen to have a link to a larger version, I’d love it if you would share it with me…

What really makes me adore this work is the look in their eyes… Just so much expression between the two of them.. Their pose, the way they are entwined together…

It’s such a image of two beings in love that it does pull at my heart a bunch…

I wish that I knew which artist created this work, there was nothing on the file to tell me that, and I really would love to know who the artist is…

As always, if anyone has a clue or idea, please post it in the comments so I can credit this artist appropriately?



  1. avatar

    Hold me.
    Keep me safe, loved,
    safe in your wings’ shadow.
    Keep me always in your fire,

    Hold me.
    I feel you breathe,
    love your head nestled there.
    Stay, make my fire burn ever

    (sorry, Majesty, nothing useful like an artist’s name from me)

  2. avatar

    Lovely words as always my heart… Thank you…



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