Aug 10 2010

Temptations 73

Next week there will be no Temptations post to be found on the Tale because next Tuesday will be the 1000th post of mine on the Tale and so… I’m trying to finish a story for that milestone…

But for now, sort of an intermission post that came when I thought Temptations was coming to an end…


Temptations 73

By TeraS

It was quiet in the library again.

It always seemed to return to that point of its existence at some time.

Life came in and life departed again.

Some things changed, some things remained as they were…

But the library remained.

The books sat on the shelves, some read, some unseen, some discovered, some still lost.

But they waited there patiently.

They had all the time in the world.

As did Tera.

She moved through the library taking care of the things that needed to be done. Had to be done. Needed to be done.

As she moved through the library, she tapped a long slim red nail rhythmically on the walls, books and other things she passed by. She wore not her usual latex and such, but a simple red fuzzy sweater and jeans with modest heels. Her long raven hair spilled in wild curls around her, the occasion red streak of fire in them. Her long red horns glistened in the darkness. But it was her eyes…. Her eyes that were not quite the same.

It was obvious that she had been crying if anyone had be able to see her.

She had begun filing things away in the basement of the place and slowly had made her way up the levels.

The grotto. Closed.

The Special Collections. Sealed.

The doors to the worlds outside. Barred.

One by one she entered a room, put things in their place and then left, turning out the lights behind her.

The doors locked and secured.

It was her role after all since her Sister Angel had passed away because of the need to protect the honour of her love.

And died for it.

There were no white tails left in The Realm to maintain the place and so….

So she had to do so. It was all that was left of Angel in Tera’s world.

She had to protect it for the future that might be… Could be… Maybe… Someday.

She finally came to the last place that needed to be taken care of.

It was…. Familiar. Almost comforting in a way…

It was a section of old books that seemed not to have been touched in ages. A shelf far above. Books there. But one missing.

On the floor a thick tomb opened to a page… Of… Nothing.

Tera considered the book laying there almost forlornly. Was it waiting to be returned to its place or left where it remained?

She knelt down beside it and with her right hand, Tera closed the book, the cover facing down hiding it from view.

She traced a fingernail along the back cover, her head tilted to the right in thought about… Things…

Then she stood and left the book laying there in the dust of the floor, all of it that her movements had kicked up in the air falling again to the floor to return to their place. And to cover the book in a thin layer of dust once more.

The library silent once more.


A sad post I know, but then I hate when things come to an end…

But there is more to the story to be shared…


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    Sad, but wonderfully evocative, Majesty, and so filled with your voice. You’re writing is always so worth the reading.

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