Aug 06 2010

A Succubus skin for your phone, iPod, and so on…

A long while ago I wrote about a skin for my iPod touch that I really liked… The only problem was that the silhouette image didn’t have horns or a tail on her…

This past week I discovered another skin for various devices that has some of what I am looking for, if missing one vital thing, that I wanted to share…

This artwork is the creation of the artist Chrissy Clark and she calls this work Succubus…

I love the style she has drawn this Succubus in… The whole image just has lots of cuteness in it that I adore so so much… The smile and eyes really make the whole art for me, but I wish there was a larger version of her that might happen to show her tail… I almost expect that to have be black in colour with a little pink bow near the tip of it…

The way she is described on her page on the site Decalgirl.com which you can find here. Makes her seem to be dangerous, but really I think that like a lot of anime Succubus characters, she has a heart of gold and really is not evil… She just looks a little bit that way…

At least I think so…

And you can find the page with this art available for different devices at this page on Decalgirl.com…

I’ve ordered several different versions of her work, I especially look forwards to having this cutie on my iPad really soon!

Chrissy likes to draw anime and chibi artworks, the succubus is one of those of course, and if you would like to see more of her art you can visit her website at: http://www.chrissyclark.com/



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    She’s not evil at all . . . just a girl out havin’ fun . . . if you know how to play with her just right . . .

    Perfect for Your Majesty’s ipad.

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    Chrissy Clark

    I’m glad you like the image! A friend of yours contacted me on facebook and directed me here. I have not seen the skins myself so didn’t know if they were the full image or the preview. I haven’t put this image on my site yet but I agree. She is not supposed to be dangerous, maybe a little, just cute and sexy. I envision succubi as mischevous creatures but misunderstood. I am doing another one here soon as well that I have drawn out. 😈

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    *happy squee*

    Thank you for visiting Chrissy! It’s a lovely skin, but it’s only the preview image of her, but I’d love to be able to see it all if I could… She’s just so cute!

    Hoping to see more Succubi from you soon! Best of luck with your art and thank you again for sharing it with us all!!



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