Aug 03 2010

Temptations 72

How does that song go? Love hurts? The Queen of the Succubi doesn’t believe in that…


Temptations 72

By TeraS and Legion & Alei

I concentrate and feel the part of Tera that is within me. Love are you alright?  Did I do something wrong?

Tera concentrated a moment and then the world around Andrea, Legion and Allison shifted as the wall between the balcony and where they were disappeared into nothingness allowing them to enter where Tera was if they so wished…

She smiled a little at Andrea and sent to her, “You did nothing wrong Andrea… I forgot something important in all that has been happening tonight and needed to remind myself of it again…”

Then she turned her eyes towards the Kitties fluttering about her home and smiled a little more….


And so this story comes to an end that I didn’t want to be…

I;d lie to thank Alei and Legion for taking the time to play in my universe… Good friends are so hard to find in this one aren’t they?



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