Aug 01 2010

I Heart Succubus T-shirt… Well of course I do…

Just a quickie post today, mostly because this item was available for a reasonable price a week ago, but now… I just can’t see paying $35 for this on eBay…

Now, at first I saw this on sale for $9, which I would have been perfectly happy to pay…

Even if the shipping to me would have been another $12 on top of that but I digress…

I like the idea of this, it’s the sort of thing that I would wear and I am sure that my Eternal would wear save for the fact that we’d rather it say Succubi instead of Succubus

Those that know, know why, and it’s not simply because it sounds better either…

There is nothing on the reverse of this, though I would like that something would be…

Oddly I can only think of a pair of horns and a tail for that, maybe others have better ideas?

Or, perhaps a saying of some description on the reverse? Not the address for succubus.net or succubi.com either…

Mebby something silly like, Succubi do it with their tails?




  1. avatar

    Woah! I thought tails are for balance. What else can a Succubus “do” with their tails? 😉

  2. avatar

    I don’t know . . . but a Succubi can do all sorts of things. :mrgreen:

    For the shirt: “. . . and all she wants is my heart.”

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    That’s a secret you know…


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