Jul 31 2010

Astarot – The blue skinned Succubus Demoness

This week’s video brings up some questions I would love to have answered by those that know more about this particular Succubus Demoness that I know some things about but need to know more really…

For those that don’t know her, this is Astarot…

And in case the embedding doesn’t work:


Now as much as I am sure of is that her name is Astarot,  or Asutarotto in Japanese. She appears in a game called Shinra-Bansho in usually very revealing demoness clothing, but you can also find her wearing lots of different T-shirts as well.

Other than that, I really don’t know anything else about her that I could possibly add to the SuccuWiki, assuming that she even fits in there..

If anyone has thoughts, comments or more on her, please let me know?



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    No ideas, Majesty. Nor do I quite get what makes her the “hottest” demon, though she seems nice enough, I suppose.

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    James Adams

    I loved it. Awesome visuals, awesome tune.
    I love them succubus babes.

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    Thank you for visiting James! I hope to have my little thing on your book up very shortly!


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