Jul 30 2010

A lovely Lilith poster…

I have always watched for art of Succubi… One of the most popular sujects is of course Lilith… She is after all the source from which the Succubus mythos begins…

This week I found a lovely piece of art that I think shows her in a wonderful light…

This work is called simply Lilith and is part of the Beyond Good & Evil series. It is the creation of an artist named S. Dracourge. They are part of the Shadow Magi Group, who’s website can be found here.

The art is described as showing the demoness Lilith reclines in her bedroom.

It’s a rather interesting image in quite a few different ways. The firs of these being that she has a normal skin tone, the next is that her tail as well has that tone. Her horns seem a bit on the large and ornate side for me, but that does not retract from the care and detail that this work shows…

What I particularly enjoy is the dignity her pose displays… She is not shown as being overly sexual, nor is she shown as being “evil”. I see her as being proud of her form, and of herself, and that reflects really well upon the mythos that is Lilith herself…

I think that this is one of the most wonderful and lovely works to show Lilith’s form and more importantly, her aspects…

You can find this art at the Zazzle.com site here.



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    A lovely picture. I especially like how the tail grows out of her.

    And, as you know, Majesty, I have never quite bought into the evil-ness part of the legend.

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    Oh I know my heart…


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