Jul 29 2010

Succubi Image of the Week 136

I have several favourite artists that draw Succubi… Some of those I have, or my Eternal has asked to draw the Succubi me…

Dominic Marco is, and always will be, one of my favourite artists… Not just for the fact that he kindly drew the Succubi me in the past, and you can see that drawing elsewhere on the Tale if you search under his name, but for the talent he brings to each image, the devotion to his work and more so, the joy that is in every one of his pieces of art..

He did a Devil Girl or Succubus work recently and here it is…

This work is called Lil Devil and it’s just full of Succubi goodness, or evilness depending on your point of view…

I love the latex gloves and stockings she wears, the bikini bottoms are cute, but the expression, pose and smile is the icing on the cake… I’d love her more if she had a tail and dark hair, but she’s still a lovely Succubi…

You can find this image on Dominic’s Deviantart site here, and his site is always listing in my site links, but here is another link to his site as well…

Please do visit Dominic’s site and enjoy all of the wonder that he creates!


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    Majesty, as lovely as it might be, we cannot have all the succubi having dark hair, can we??

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